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I gotcher 'fridge right here...

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by GlennW, Nov 25, 2010.

  1. GlennW


    Sep 6, 2006
    Happy Thanksgiving.
  2. alembicguy

    alembicguy I operate the worlds largest heavey equipment Supporting Member

    Jan 28, 2007
    Love it!
  3. I don't know whether to applaud or to vomit, well done.
  4. Wonder what the ohm rating is on that little beauty...
  5. MarTONEbass

    MarTONEbass Supporting Member

    Jun 19, 2009
    Norton, MA
    .....do I smell smoke??
  6. caden000


    Jul 7, 2010
    Denver, CO
    urmm, does that work?
  7. that-guy


    Aug 6, 2010
    ...and what's that I hear??.....**fizz; hum; snap; crackle; POP**

    thanks for the lol, that rig looks deadly!!
  8. dose


    Nov 2, 2008
    At least setup is a breeze ...
  9. Zanpa


    Sep 26, 2010
    Very Scott Pilgrim
  10. staindbass


    Jun 9, 2008
    i think its awesome ! johnny a.
  11. ahhhhahaha!!! So good!!

    +1 to looking Scott Pilgrim-y!
  12. tocs100

    tocs100 Utah Bass of Doom, Metal DJ @ leafpileradio.com

    Sep 16, 2007
    Ogden, UT
    Daisy-chaining each headphone out to each clean input wouldn't fry.

    And we all know that's what SRV's famed attic full of amps really looked like--plus 10 daisy-chained tube screamers...:D "Caught in the crossfire..dee dee dum.."

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