I had a Trace Elliott 600A 12...

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  1. jg919


    Jul 7, 2010
    NSW Australia
    Hello All!

    I just had a glance at the Trace Elliott users' thread, and everybody loves theirs. Which is great!
    I used to own a Trace Elliott 600A 12 a few years back. I must admit, I sold it because I found it was either muddy at 'general' eq settings, or intensely scooped and 'clicky' sounding, with no dynamics - when using the trace-signature tone option. Also, it was never, ever loud enough - I had owned a smaller Marshall head from the 80's which was louder in all situations...

    Before I sound like I'm bagging TE, I must clarify that I LOVE many features of this head - the lighting, the compressor, etc...just not really the output sound (which is most important?). I am the kind of bassist that loves amps, basses and effects for what they are, so I'm not trying to "make it sound like (other brand) amp" or comparing it to anything...

    Is there anyone who has had the same trouble/knows what I may have done wrong setting-wise to make it sound *bad* without my knowing it?

    I'm primarily asking, because I'd like to maybe one day get some more Trace gear, but don't quite know if all amps are the same as this...and ordering amps online which aren't in shops to try, kind of makes Talk Bass a main source of reference.

  2. Nightlyraider


    Sep 30, 2009
    While I haven't had the opportunity to pair my amp up to a couple Trace 410s to truly experience "their sound", with other speaker cabs I have never found a reason to use the preset Mid-Cut.

    That being said it was an included feature in their amp line for years and years, so obviously quite a few other people loved it.

    Edit: My amp has an 11 band graphic eq built in, I don't remember the 600 having anything more than rotary dials, so maybe that would help? Quite a bit of fiddle room on their GP preamps.