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  1. After I foolishly sold an Affinity Jazz V a few years ago modded with SD pickups, I have longed and yearned for the feel and the tone of a passive Jazz V. I wanted another Affinity to mod out immediately, perhaps even with an MM pickup in The bridge and coil tap switches that would allow for either coil to be used independently, or a Series config.
    But the VM Jazz V much more appealed to me aesthetically, so there it was....and the pickups sound pretty darn good, even though these are not the SD-licensed units. I may yet do the MM in the bridge, but not quite just right away...

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    I have a VM 4 string Jazz and installed the Fender American Standard pickups. Was slightly better sounding when playing alone but I surprisingly liked the stock Duncan Designed pickups more in a band mix. More of a rude crunchy tone.

    The only thing I really hated on my VM is the bridge which I swapped out for a Hipshot. The tuners are just ok. I still gig it lots. Great basses across the board IME.
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  3. Yeah, I'm all about the "rude and crunchy" sound, and these pickups do sound pretty good although I must reiterate they are not the SD pickups (website says "Fender-designed")....I kind of feel bad thinking about replacing them. They're definitely Alnico's, which I prefer over ceramic. (Edit: upon closer inspection, the pickups are definitely some kind of vintage-style with cloth-covered wiring....they're definitely staying in the bass!!! I'm actually quite impressed with the quality of this instrument.)
    I'm not crazy about the bridge either, and I may replace it with one of those that Carvin uses for the SB, JB, and PB's. I have one of those on my Dean and I'm very happy with it.
    The Sung-Il BB-405 bridge:
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