I hate my life

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  1. Albini_Fan

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    Jan 26, 2003
    Beneath Below
    You guys don't know me, so you probably won't even bother reading this. I just need an outlet to complain to.

    The run down: My life sucks. And is probably going downhill from here. I left public school in the 7th grade, to homeschool. "Homeschool" consisted of being on the internet to much and watching college tapes. Okay, now how is my life ruined exactly? Well, I became kind of a hermit for 2-3 years. I must have left school when I was 14, and I turned 17 in april. Now, I really want to go back to highschool. But I can't. I'd have to go to 9th, due to my lack of credits. Now I do not want to be turning 18 in 9th grade. My mom has tried and tried to get me into 11th, and she still is, so far it's a no go.

    Why do I want to get into highschool? Because I don't want to be a failure :( And my lfie is kind of boreing, but I want to go to smartypants college and I that will be hard with a GED. Highschool wouldn't be fun or anything, I know, but I feel as if I am missing out on a big part of my life. I have friends I made from middle school, except I feel I have outgrown them all. They are all very immature, and they all pick on me. Maybe it's because I've had myself isolated, but these people are not good friends. They are like strangers and treat me like thier bitch. They arn't interesting, they arn't fun to hang out with and all they want to do is party or cruise around in a car. And that'd be fine with me except they're all immature ******* types. I'm not even going to go into detail on why they are such bad, user friends. Because this post would be 20 paragraphs long :(

    I need to make new friends :( Should I just go to 9th grade and be a big loser?

    I really need to articulate this better, but I'm kind of mad right now and incoherent.
  2. Brendan


    Jun 18, 2000
    Portland, OR
    Why'd you leave public school? To be homeschooled, or you quit, and then started homeschooling?
  3. Can't you get a tutor, study and then sit some sort of college exam for credits?

    Not sure of how to describe that, but here, at least, you can resit your highers (highschool exams) even at the age of 20+!

    I suggest you try and do something like that.

    Also, get out there. Pickup your bass, get in a band, make best friends, what could be more cooler than doing something you love, with good people?

    Join a sports team, you have no idea how many friends you will make from being on teams, man!

    get a job!

    Man, life isn't gunna be easy, it's gunna be ups and downs, but I promise you that you will have a major highlight!

    people tend to remember the bad things about their pasts, and it seems to be really crappy... Know why? Becuase that's where it stopped being 'normal'! (happy etc)
    Theres gotta be some good time sin the past, and there will be to come. So man, just smile. :)

    Whats the worst that could happen?

  4. Albini_Fan

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    Jan 26, 2003
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    I left public school to be homeschooled, because it seemed more appealing at the time. And now I don't know what I was thinking!!

    I know I could get tutored and stuff, but I really want to go to highschool. I need to atleast spend one year there :( For lots of reasons! Friends, the experience, to socialize and actually have a good reason to talk to the nerdy girls I find so attractive ;p And if I have to be in 9th grade, well I can just say I'm a hairy 15 yearold :( I don't know :(
  5. Brendan


    Jun 18, 2000
    Portland, OR
    Well, as long as you realize it was a bad idea, then there might be hope yet.

    Um, y'know, it's called College. You're 17, you can get a GED, and apply at an open admission college (aka Community College). Then you have classes, socializing, new people, the works. And plenty of nerdy girls. ;)
  6. Yeah, community college is a good way to get into a state college/university. Good luck.
  7. Nick Gann

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    Mar 24, 2002
    Silver Spring, MD
    You want to go to a "smartypants college".

    To be brutal...

    Swallow your pride. Go to highschool. Start at the beginning. Like everyone else has to do.
  8. Bryan_G


    Apr 28, 2000
    Austin, Texas
    A lot of Universities accept GEDs. I was homeschooled for a couple of years, and don't have an actual diploma. I got into the college I applied for without any problems. The key to getting accepted is doing good on the standardized tests(act, sat). Don't bother with highschool its not worth it. In the grand scheme of things it is practically worthless. Take the tests and see how you do. If you don't do well then get a tutor and start studding. When you make it into college nobody will be able to tell if you went to highschool or not, its all new.
  9. Nick Gann

    Nick Gann Talkbass' Tubist in Residence

    Mar 24, 2002
    Silver Spring, MD
    You are having a chance to start over. Not many people get this chance. You are having another opportunity to have whatever you want, to become whatever you put your mind to.

    Don't lose that chance.
  10. Albini_Fan

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    Jan 26, 2003
    Beneath Below
    I understand that I could go GED/Community/State route, but I want some highschool experience. Is that wrong to want?
  11. Brendan


    Jun 18, 2000
    Portland, OR
    College is a little more mature, so there's less drama floating around (or, at least I'm lead to believe as much).

    Even if you did go, what would you do? Be 21 and a senior? Even if you mom got you in aa a junior, you'd still be shy credits in two years unless you did summer school and extra classes on the outside.
  12. Bryan_G


    Apr 28, 2000
    Austin, Texas
    Yes it is. Well, I can only tell you what I know works for me. What does highschool have that college doesn't? You can either get a jump start on college(you could probably start in the spring). Or you can spend that time going to highschool to ...socialize? Heh, have you been around a college campus lately?
  13. Benbass

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    Jan 28, 2002
    It's up to you. I have my GED. There does not seem to be a lot of difference between a GED and a real diploma from what I have experienced out in the world for the last 15 years. Everyone makes mistakes and it may seem that you have ruined your life but that's really not the case. Things that seemed so tramatic 10 or more years ago seem less important to me now.

    If it were me I would go the community college route / then college. I don't see that you would gain much by going back to 9th grade especially when you've already outgrown that crowd. Think about it this way, if you start college now you could have a Bachelor's degree by the time you would have graduated high school, or a master's degree by the time you would have graduated college!! And no one would think any less of that master's degree. Life is short take advantage of your opportunities!!
  14. lizzyb

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    Jul 9, 2003
    okay well this is from someone who hasnt started highschool yet (ill be a freshmen in september)so i dont knwo what im talking about however... I have several friends who are homeschooled and I also have a lot of high school friends who in order to hang out with this year i just went over to the highschool after school and hung out. Also i agree with the earlier advice of getting out there join a band or whatever else you like to do. If the friends you have from middle school want to go to partys go along and try to make some new friends or something. i deffinitly wouldnt go back to 9th grade. advice from Someone who is the averege age of a 9th grader... kids are brutal however sence you probaly have you license im sure you would be pretty damn popular. anyway be happy :) its the only thing that will make you feel better.
  15. cobrasneverdie

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    Jun 1, 2003
    moline illinois
    go for it. make some friends with some seniors and besides you only have classes with them little tykes its not like you can talk a whole lot anyway. and i seriously doubt kids will make fun of someone bigger and older than them its not logical.
  16. Davidoc

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    Sep 2, 2000
    Northern VA and JMU
    Have you looked into night/summerschool to get many credits fast?
  17. theydolph

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    Oct 26, 2002
    I homeschooled all through highschool and it was the best decision I ever made. I was so depressed and shut off from everyone while I was in school so when I stopped going I actually became a lot more social. Plus it gave me the opportunity to study things that I was interested in as opposed to what someone else decided I needed to know. I feel that both socially and intellectually I was at an advantage. end me turn oot just smart as ebyboody woo wnt skooling:p
  18. Munjibunga

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    You were allowed to make that decision? Where were your parents?
  19. Prime Mover

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    Feb 16, 2003
    TN, USA
    Why can't they give you an exame to see how much you have learned since you have been homeschooled? That way they can determine how much to place you.

    Other than that, swallow your pride and go into the 9th grade.
  20. Blackbird

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    Mar 18, 2000

    You don't provide much information about your location, so I'm not sure what the school situation is in your area. However, if there's a community college anywhere in your vicinity, there's a good chance they'll have a GED program.

    Now, here's the snag: as far as I know, you must be at least 18 to be in community college, unless they have some program for high school students, which you don't qualify for anyway.

    My advice is this: go to your local high school and community college if there is one and talk to the counselors. They'll be your best bet for making a plan that'll work for you.

    If you have to wait a year to get into a GED program, great! You have a whole year to give yourself a headstart, and if that means being in 9th grade for a year, then that's what you should do. You don't seem burdened by a family or a job, so your situation is perfect.

    Now, for your depression, let me give you some perspective:

    I work for the San Francisco Community College district in the GED department. I have high hopes for all the students I work with but realistically, some of them have a very slim chance of ever making it.

    I have a 47 year old student who reads at a second grade level. His written vocabulary is less than 100 words. We're not sure if he has a disability or if he sustained some kind of injury that affected his brain. The point is he's coming to school and we're working with him.

    You, on the other hand, are young and you have a perfectly healthy mind. I have no doubt you could get your GED very successfully in a reasonable period of time (I'm being vague because it's not up to me to give you a deadline. However long it takes as long as you get it.).

    My last bit of advice is this: buy a current GED book and get into it. You can also find sample tests and test yourself. Go to http://www.4tests.com/ for some sample tests you can take online. Join or Form a study group.

    Finally, It is normal to be depressed sometimes. Everyone goes through highs and lows. When we're in those low points, we need people around us to make us feel better. If your middle school chums are bogging you down, they're not really your friends. (Then again, I don't know you or them personally, so use your best judgement when choosing the company you keep). Maybe you should get out more and make some new friends. There must be some youth organizations in your area with people who share your interests. Good luck.