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Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by PanteraFan, Dec 2, 2002.

  1. Damn those guys. I asked for a Spector REX 2000/5, my local store did me a killer price. Rotosound didn't have any in stock, which is fair enough, I'd just have to wait till January. They only had Blue and Black stains in, so I left it, as I wanted Holoflash black. I would have taken the Blue(Like Sanctum's) if there was no other choice.

    So, they call up my contact at the local store. It'll be another £80 to get the bass from Korea. I thought this was very fishy - I've never been charged import costs on anything before. Anyway, I got my contact to have a chat with the manager at Rotosound, something about how they 'have to pass the cost on to the customer'. Regardless, the guy at Rotosound then went into his back room and actually found a Holoflash Black REX 2000/5, irrespective of earlier reports. He said he'd send it to me, and it'd get here today (Monday Dec. 2nd)

    So, I turn up at the store. There's a REX 2000/5 there alright, but in Black stain. No Holoflash. A tricky predicament indeed.

    I play the bass, it's the best thing I've ever picked up. This adds more pressure.

    So, my contact calls the manager at Rotosound. He apologises, says 'I thought you said Black!'. Bollocks. Anyway, the wrost bit is that they've since sold the Blue stain model. They have a Black stain in stock, and the one in the store. No others, and £80 to get any others from Korea.

    Did I mention that a Black stain REX makes a Wishnevsky look like a Fodera? The quilt cannot be seen, and it picks up fingerprints like a sumbitch. I will not own that bass. Hell. I'd take an Amberburst over that, and Amberburst is the tackiest finish ever IMO.

    So, what do I do? Simple. I ask the parents for the £80. I'm also emailing Stuart Spector to recommend he changes his distributor to anything but Rotosound. Hell, even Laney, who do an atrocious job of handling Ibanez. Their stuff is out of tune and always late, but they always send you the right stuff. The parents have said yes, and I thank them. Although, I will have to finance some myself, so I can't afford the Crybaby 105Q or the DR's I was going to put right onto the REX.

    I will never buy anything manufactured or distributed by Rotosound again. I'll look for an alternative, or I'll buy over the net from Bass Central/Access Bass/Bass NW and pay the import taxes. The only reason I don't do that now is a) I've placed a deposit with the store, and they've paid for the shipping and the bass, and b) My contact Darryl has been a godsend, ever patient, and he deserves the commission from this sale. Also, I'm pretty sure that buying this way will cost me more, due to taxes and shipping.

    So, the entire transaction will cost me £720($1095), plus the numerous bus and train fare to Manchester, 8 miles from my abode. I'm essentially paying £80($122) for any finish other than Black stain.

    However, The actual bass plays and sounds like buttah. Just a shame it looks like a dog's rectum. Kudos to Stuart Spector on making such a fine instrument, and I can't wait till my overdue, overpriced Holoflash Black REX 2000/5 arrives.


  2. Bummer! Thats all i can say :oops:
  3. Nick man

    Nick man

    Apr 7, 2002
    Tampa Bay
    Could be worse I suppose.

    At least you will end up with a killer ax in the end.

  4. Sorry to hear of your woes PanteraFan! As you now know you will love your baby when you get 'er!!

    I got mine as luckily as you were unluckily! There wasn't one in the country at the time - the rep had a 4 string in HoloFlash. So I was gonna puy down a deposit for that. My man at Sound Control in Glasgow phones me at work - says he's just off the phone with his Rotosound contact, they got one in with a shipment of basses they had in - they hadn't ordered it, it just turned up!

    I gave him my visa number and bingo - it's, mine. The guys in the store were all gooey with her - boy did I feel good walking out with her!

    Mind you - she did have to undergo some cosmetic surgery at my friendly neighbourhood guitar tech, which meant that I couldn't touch her for about 8 months (the guy was in and out of hospital with some mystery illness , very like pneumonia for about 6 months). But she's worth it!
  5. Cosmetic surgery? Was that after the car crash?

  6. Yeah, she had to get some deep gashes repaired - Spector use a lot of lacquer and pigment! Also several frets had to be reglued!

    But she's alright now!:)
  7. As a proud owner of a Rex 5 with black stain, I have to object to your dislike of this colour! It is true that the wood grain is nearly invisible under normal lighting conditions, but when the light shines on it you can really see it. This is similar to the way the holo flash just looks black until the light is on it. But then again, holo-flash would have been my first choice too except that I bought used.
  8. Another pic in the sun. . .
  9. Tim Cole

    Tim Cole Supporting Member

    Jun 12, 2002
    Findlay, Ohio
    Hey dude, I bought the 5 string CRFM off of that same guy, they were originally lumped all together in an auction with an essex and a hartke head, he split the auction up because I wanted the ns-5. It has since been sold to finance my US NS-2. Great bass also. Small world!
  10. RealBK


    Feb 8, 2002
    I have order 3 differnet Spectors over the past 2 years from Rotosound and i always found there customer service to be top notch. I think you have just had some very bad luck. Shame about the Extra £80! don't know how they are adding that charge.
  11. Thanks a lot dude!! There would have been no way I could afford to buy the entire package. How was the ns-5 by the way?
  12. I wouldn't call sending me the wrong bass good customer service, especially after my continued illustration that I wanted the Holoflash specifically.

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