I have a few questions on the Guild Starfire II

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    Sep 28, 2009
    I've been wanting one of these basses for some time now, and I'm getting closer to purchasing.

    Here are some questions I have.

    Can you tell me about the tone and wood choices on these basses? It looks like the current production is made out of mahogany, but they also have a flamed maple version. Is the maple just a veneer on mahogany? or is it all maple? (the website suggests it is) My experience with maple acoustic guitars is they are very bright and snappy. Does the maple fundamental change the tone of this classic bass?

    Any idea what country they are manufactured in?

    Would there be a reason to get the one pickup version? and why is it available with the pup in the neck or the bridge?

    I'm intending to have this bass in my studio for recording, and I'd like to have flats on it. Can I get some recommendations for this short scale bass?

    Also, if you have a starfire you willing to part with send me a pm. We'll chat.

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  2. New Guilds are manufactured in South Korea.

    The maple version is indeed all maple AFAIK. I've never played one of those but the mahagony version is quite nice. If I were interested in buying one, I'd go for the double pickup option but that's me. Nice instruments.

    Happy shopping.
  3. slap-a-da-bass


    Sep 28, 2009
    Thanks for you response. Guild has some sound samples of the maple version on the product site. It indeed sounds much different than the mahogany version. Which, for me is the direction I want to go.