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  1. This thread deals with my first bass, a p-bass copy. I have a huge sentimental attachment to it, and after I putting new electronics, new hardware, and nice strings Ive grown to love the tone and feel it has. After saving my money I invested in a new bass and I use both equally. My question lies here; I really want to learn how to play fretless and I decided to defret my old bass. Im confident in my ability to do this and I beleieve that the tone will only improve from doing this, but ive read so many threads where people have defretted their basses have ended up with a heap of garbage. I have to be concerned, because I think I have a lot gain by defretting , but also a lot to lose. If I could afford a nice fretless bass at the moment Id invest in one, but I cant; and theres no way Im defretting my conklin. So what are your guys opinions?
  2. Buy a Fretless neck.
    I too was toying with defretting My MIM Jazz, but decided it would be better to find a Fretless neck and try that in case I suck even worse then I do with a fretted. Course in my case its more a GAS then need.
  3. Mike88T is right - a new neck will do the job for less than half the cost of new, decent copy bass. Warmoth is a good choice - a fretless Jazz style in all maple is around $150. A Stewart MacDonald fretless neck with an ebony fretboard is around the same cost but you'll have to shape the headstock yourself.

    IMO defretting is ALWAYS a lower quality substitute to an actual fretless neck. My reasoning is simple: A defretted neck will never look like a true fretless, no matter how well the work is done. Sure, they will function in much the same way but aesthetics are an important quality to me.
  4. A guy called FreakyFender has a thread out on summat along what youre talkin bout. Check it out for more info...:)
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    I second...
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    Then if you don't take to fretless, you still have your other neck and can sell the fretless neck. But I bet you will love going fretless.
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    ... and you can do like I did for a couple of years and switch back and forth when you have gigs that require one or the other.