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  1. I just recenly bought a new bass, its shinny, sound greats when it plays and all that good stuff. But... the catch is that a few wires were loose that I didnt know about. So I found out what it was and welded it back, then the 9 volt battery died so when I went to play it, it didnt work so I put in a new one, THEN about a week later one of the wires leading to the 9 volt came off so I welded that, so then it work. Again when I came back from vacation it didnt work so I changed the battery and it worked, so now the bass works so Iv just been taking the 9 volt out since. What I want to know is why is the battery dying so quick, this has never happened to me before and also did I screw something up in the wiring that would make it do that?
  2. I hope you soldered it, not welded it....

    Anyhow, here's what's going on.

    The input jack actually is what turns the preamp on and off. The far tip is the output from the preamp. The next ring goes to the minus of the battery. The shield goes to ground. The battery should not be grounded anywhere else. Then when you plug your two-conductor cable in, the ring and the shield become connected, which makes the battery grounded and turns the battery on.

    Evidently the battery is now grounded, so it's staying on all the time. Solder the wires as I described and you should be good to go.
  3. Thank you, and yes I ment soder I just dont know how to spell it and still dont, plus I figured most would know what I mean

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