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I have Decided on a Yamaha.

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by WATCHTHECHORD, Oct 28, 2003.



    Oct 28, 2003
    I have Decided on the Yamaha TRB411 or the TRB511, for my first bass, if some one out there has had any experience with either of these please chime in. Since in the Yamaha site it states this is a good all around bass i will start with this, if others think i should look at something else before i plop down my money please feel free to recomend something other than these Yamahas, if not this is what i will be buying next week. Thanks to all, this site is truly very, very helpful.
  2. Some very fine bassists use high-end Yamahas - e.g., Nathan East, Michael Anthony, Tim Bogert, Scott
    Ambush, among others.

    The Yamaha site is not going to say, "This is a mediocre bass for a bargain price." So, don't get suckered by the hype.

    My only advice is to try as many different brands of basses as you can before you plunk down your credit card/money on a purchase and find the one that pleases you most in terms of playability and cool sound. Used basses are often great bargains.

    I guarantee - it won't be long before you will want something else as your ear becomes more critical.
  3. They're overpriced for what you get but you can buy them on sale at zzounds.com or samedaymusic.com. Some other companies have them on sale too.
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