I have epilepsy. My family thinks playing rock and fast music hurts me.

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    Aug 24, 2008
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    Like the title says, my family thinks playing metal, (deftones, NIN, Rage Against The Machine) triggers seizures. They also believe so with ska and up tempo music. I was diagnosed as epileptic when I was about 17 but have been having seizures (partial, full, and another kind I cant recall) since I was 13 and I am 23 now. Ive been to the states to numerous facilities and have had no luck finding meds that get me stable long enough. I managed to get my college degree, and worked for 2 yrs at a wood company but had to quit because its been a rough few days for me health wise.

    In a nutshell I was hoping some of you could point to me to relevant literature on how music and playing music relates to this disease EPILEPSY. My family begs me to quit playing but it keeps me sane and non depressed at times when things get rough.

    If others have gone thru simila experiences I think this is an appropriate thread to share some stories.

    My disease was caused by a 10 feet head first fall when I was 8 or 9. I've never messed around with drugs and dont drink a sip of alcohol (or havent for 3 4 yrs, and pretty much....

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    Have doctors offered any insight one way or the other?

    Have you tried seeking out a forum for others with epilepsy? I know there are a few out there, I just can't remember what they're called. You'd probably find more information there than you would here.
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    I know flashing lights can trigger seizures, but I never heard of sound triggering one. Is it even possible?
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    Nov 25, 2004
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    I think epileptic seizures are triggered by any sort of sensory bombardment, it juts happens that visual bombardment is the most common.
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    It's possible - a quick search tuned up Musicogenic epilepsy, including stuff like this:

    Pretty much any stimulus can trigger it. Certain shades of the colour red are a common known trigger!

    However that doesn't mean it's a trigger for this guy. Your doctor probably knows more about it that your family does... take his advice.
  6. Auditory could be possible, at least in theory. Will it trigger a siezure, depends entirely on the individual and the day.
  7. Just a few of the more credible links I came up with - I don't know anything about the disorder, but hopefully these will help.

    Epilepsy Facts

    Epilepsy Association

    World Health Organization on Epilepsy
    (Check out the link at the bottom for the "Out of the Shadows" campaign to raise awareness and fight for better treatment)

    And I found other links that are a little more specific about triggers:

    Epilepsy Foundation

    This on seems like it might be a good place to get more info on how to better live with epilepsy.


    I don't have epilepsy, or any disorder really, but I know how my bass has been, at times, the only thing that could really settle my troubled heart and mind. I wish you well on your quest to impress the importance of that on those that care about you.
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    thx for your replies and appreciate the links... I will be checking these out ASAP.