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  1. Felken


    Jun 28, 2016
    Ottawa, CAN
    Tort of guitars! Tort is a bass thing! I've never seen a guitar with tort pickguard until I specifically searched it. Why is tort such a bass thing?

    This looks odd.
  2. hondo4life


    Feb 29, 2016
    Maybe it's because literally every acoustic guitar has a tort pickguard, and electric guitar players know they are better and cooler than acoustic guitar players, so they don't need the help of the tort.
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  3. twinjet

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    Sep 23, 2008
    Actually, it's a guitar thing. From Fender...

    "Obviously, however, Fender offered guitar picks before 1955. Most of them were made of celluloid (often advertised in catalogs and other materials using the trade name “Viscoloid”). Celluloid guitar picks date back to at least 1922, which is when D’Andrea started making them, although celluloid mandolin picks date back even farther—to the late 1800s. Celluloid picks bearing the faux tortoiseshell look date back at least to the early 1930s and possibly even as early as 1928, by which time D’Andrea offered dozens of different shapes and looks."

    Given the presence of tort in the 30s, it can be said it was a guitar thing (though, Fender does state tort pickguards were used on Fender guitars and basses starting in '59). It preceded the '51 Precision Bass by decades.
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