i just did my first online transaction

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  1. well tired of getting ripped off buying cycle parts from shops.....and i suppose i always had a phobia about the risk of buying on line, i went out and purchased a pay as you go type visa card from a post office....you can charge this card up and it doesnt link back to any bank accounts.

    On second thoughts maybe i should have created a pay pal account that has a level of insurance if you dont recieve the right goods. But i never buy second hand goods anyway.

    i am a dinosaur
  2. Prepaid debit cards are excellent for buying "adult" materials, or trying to keep a transaction hidden from a spouse.:hyper:

    But on a serious note, that sounds like a smart way to do it for a first-time online transaction. I would use prepaid debit cards more often if they didn't have expensive activation fees. Then again, I've done hundreds of online transactions, and have yet to have any issues.
  3. I buy as much as I can online, it is way more convenient. Prepaid cards are one way to do it. My wife and I have a dedicated card that is used for online transactions that isn't linked to any other accounts.

  4. I do, as well. I know there are arguments for why I should support brick-and-mortar stores as often as possible, but online shopping is so much more convenient, and usually allows you to find things that local stores don't sell.
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    Online transactions are considerably safer than in person transactions. The statistics show it over and over. I should know, I'm in the business. You are far more likely to have someone peering at your card number or watching you enter your pin than getting ripped off online. Another major in person scam is store associates "dropping your card" by accident and then quickly running it through a card reader below the counter. Happens all the time.
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    Let's be honest. Sites like Talkbass don't typically sing the praises of the pedestrian stuff that's available over any counter. It's all about niche and boutique, and that's stuff you probably won't find at the mom and pop down the street, or even the big box store a few miles down the freeway.

    Sites like Talkbass drive people away from mom and pop's regardless of how much lip service we all offer to locally owned and operated retailers. Most of the lust for gear is stuff that will never be in their catalogs or showrooms.
  7. A lot of people are careless with their credit cards. I've seen countless people hand their credit card off to a waiter/waitress at a restaurant, and let the restaurant staff take care of the transaction while they sit at their table. I would never do that!
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    Does it really happen all the time?

    I've never heard that happen, personally.
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    All the time and never had an issue.

    If I did have an issue, my credit card protects me.

    I use a credit card for the convenience that it offers. The protection against loss, theft, or fraud. Cash does not offer this.

    That, and my credit card doesn't jingle in my pockets.
  10. I just recently got a debit card that comes straight from my bank account that I used online for the first time. Partially because I'm 17. But I still try to use prepaid cards for iTunes, Playstation Network, etc. It keeps me honest with my spending (knowing I have exactly so much money for things) and I feel like I trust it more.
  11. If your credit is bad enough no one will want to steal your identity.
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    In terms of total fraud, no. But it is real - the people that do steal #'s this way, with access to receiving cards on a regular basis, steal a whole lot. Outside of restaurants, I would not recommend to let your card out of sight if at all possible.

    Out of 1300 clients, we have about 10-15 breaches monthly, none of which are usually ever online.
  13. How brave of you, OP. I still cannot muster enough balls to try an online transaction, because I always feel like I will be ripped off...

    Oh, wait, I did buy a Game Boy Color back in 2005 or so (yeah, a very used, old, tattered one) through eBay, if I recall correctly. So I guess I'm no longer a virgin in online transactions.

    Still terrified about doing it again, though.
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    For the record, you're not getting "ripped off", the extra you pay pays wages, rent, freight, costs incurred through warranties and replacements etc. and a whole host of other things, and after that ideally nets the business a return on it's dollars invested in keeping stock in store for you to come look and touch before you purchase.

    If you don't want any of these things, buy online (I often do), but stores aren't "ripping you off", they're generally just normal people, and when it comes to something like cycling parts they're likely just enthusiasts who want to share their passion with people and do something they love, and ideally make a living doing it.

    I don't see how it's really a problem though, although I guess overseas could be different to what it is here.

    Contact bank, dispute transaction, merchant is charged back instantly and then has to spend the next 3 months trying to prove that the transaction was legitimate if they ever want to see the money again, which is quite difficult.

    Unless they use your pin somehow.

    But yeah, so long as you're smart about it, it's easier to be safe online than it is in person for the most part. This doesn't include the "Lucky 1 millionth visitor you have won a free holiday! Enter your credit card details to proceed!"
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    Happened to me two years ago in NYC. I bought lunch at a museum snack bar, and an employee swiped my card through a reader without my knowing.

    The next day I got a call from my card company asking if I had ordered $2500 in clothes and pay per view ultimate fighting over the internet. I said no. :)

    I wasn't liable for any of the charges, and had a new card the next day.
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    My father had his card compromised by our state BMV.... Someone had taken more than one card/account and ordered a bunch of stuff and had it shipped to their house. It was easy to catch them . My dad wasn't liable but it was a hassle at the same time . He was upper level law enforcement and had connections ,that's how he found out who did it .

    If a state employee will do it anyone will. Can't trust anyone really .

    Of course our last governor privatized everything so our online state transactions tun around different parts of the world now....not on a local level anymore ....which makes it even more susceptible now....IMO
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    Someone swiped my wife's card and bought groceries in Italy. Citibank stopped my card immediately and called me. They asked me about it, didn't hold me liable and sent me a new card right away. I have always been happy with Citibank. Using credit cards is safer than debit cards. If someone steals your card, you should not be liable. If someone steals your debit card, they can clean out your bank account before you know it.

    Another way of being safe online is using virtual account numbers. My bank offers them and I have used them from time to time. If anyone gets ahold of a virtual number, they wouldn't be able to use them anywhere else.
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    Your first, OP? Welcome to the digital age!

    Ive been making online purchases since I first had a checking account, over 10 years now.

    Never had an issue.
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    My ex-gf was very paranoid about identity/credit card theft and went to every measure to conceal her info. We had to have a cross-cut shredder. We removed shipping labels from any incoming packages or mail before discarding them. She was vigilant about all of this stuff and STILL got her # stolen.

    Fortunately, she received a call from the bank immediately and wasn't liable for the theft.

    Here's the kicker- the thief 1st charged $3 to see if it would work. Then they charged $8k worth of merchandise at a religious bookstore. (?!)

    "Do unto others", indeed. :eyebrow:
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    Good for you Icey, you are not extinct so you can't be a Dinosuar. :D Sometimes things are cheaper on line and sometimes they are not. Sometimes I will pay extra for the service I get buying from a local merchant. I just took a chance and bought some boots online because I couldn't find what I want at any local stores. I usually won't buy musical intruments or shoes online because I like to try them out first. I hope the boots fit. I have never had any problems with my credit card from buying online.