I just got an Ampeg SA210 combo....

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  1. ...and it sounds friggin brilliant! I love the tone it puts out with my Ibanez SR810 but I found a defect with this amp and I was wondering if anyone else has noticed it. The amp comes with 15 digital effects built in but there are two synth bass effects and one other weird effect, I think #13 through #15 that just make it sound like my speakers are blown, in a real BAD way! ...I've tried out different basses with the amp and the same thing happens. Anyone have any idea why a company with the history and reputation that Ampeg has would put out a product with such an obviuos flaw?1?!? I'm still in love with the amp despite this problem but I'm just a little miffed and I feel somewhat cheated.
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    Jan 26, 2003
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    don't feel cheated, all of them have that problem. 13-15 suck really bad. i think all the effects are unusable, except for the #12 svt setting. but its a pretty good sounding amp without the effects, so i dont mind. i just wish they would of had a one without effects. it would have been $30-40 cheaper. because thats what about the effects seem to be worth. by my ears, anyway..

    don't feel cheated =)