i just got my butt wipped mountain biking

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    Jun 22, 2011
    Australia Victoria
    ok its been years since i did a serious mount bike ride, i try to keep with a few road rides on my hard tail every week, i thought i was doing ok, i am in my mid life years and this dude i know invited me for a ride with his mates around a comp enduro circuit, 7 k loop, up and down serious hills, techical....well my mate who i always kicked butt a few years back was out in front, with a couple of others and me, sheez...i was pulling up the rear end with a couple of guys, one an asthma sufferer and the other had knee operations, i was in front of them most of the way, but geeee was sucking it in big time short twisty uphills were killing me, my chest was heaving like was going to pop.....my 2003 santa cruz blur was cutting edge in the good old days, but bikes now have auto lock out on seat posts and everything else...

    i'm sitting at home now hours later chest still got that flemmy feeling and hurts when i breath in, yeh ok all these guys were in the 30s and i did ok but i need to step it up again one more time if i'm going to hold back those years or maybe i should just go back to my gym and a couple of street ride a week, maybe its just to much hard work for an old man :meh:
  2. You made it. Be proud. I couldn't and I'm half your age (ok, not quite :p).

    ...But I'd totally kick your ass in DDR :D.
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    Sep 17, 2005
    I'm half your age, I started cycling last june. I don't do mountain biking though. I didn't ride for 2 months due to **** freezing weather and now I'm back on it. Yesterday, I thought about riding to the closest hospital to check if I tore my lungs.

    I decided to quit smoking for good.

    I'd probably not be able to finish your trail. I'm 28, be proud.;)
  4. I am 48 and often woop on younger, inexperienced(MTB)riders- but although I could run a bit in my youth, I wouldn't expect much of myself on foot nowadays. IMO it's less your age & more what you've been doing(and/or NOT doing :D). You'd likely stomp me on a road ride as that's not what I do now. Anyway, I'd suggest you get out & do it a few more times & see if you don't improve. And please post pics. :)
  5. Mountain biking on technical trails is one of the most intense physical activities there is. On top of keeping the pedals turning you always need to be manipulating the bike to navigate the trail features and it's something you need to be doing all the time to keep the endurance up. Keep doing it and it will come back pretty fast. I definitely don't think it's too hard work for an "old man" as you put it. I'm 40 and I can't keep up with the two 50+ year-olds in my group. Uphill anyway... :D

    An '03 Blur is a perfectly good bike, btw. You could install a dropper seatpost on it if you wanted. :D

    There are a couple of biking-related long-running threads in OT about biking. Poke your head in and say hi!


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    Jun 22, 2011
    Australia Victoria
    i have never ridden technical before so i guess i went straight into the hardest possible ride....momentum was the thing, super tight switch backs up hill up over logs, halling the bike and staying upright was challenging, however the guy out front was on a single speed chromo 29er solid front and back and kicked all our butts out in front