I just saw AC/DC for free!

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  1. Well it all started last Thursday when my uncle called me and asked if I wanted to go to see AC/DC to which I answered yes. Then he proceeded to tell me how i could get free tickets. All I had to do was sign up to become a friend of Harpoon (Brewery) and then register to get my free tickets. So I got a pair for my girl friend and I, my uncle got a pair and his friend got a pair. I thought "it's to good to be true". nope! We went last night and got our free tickets, we got to sit in the same row all together, and had decent seats. After all was said and done I got 2 100 something dollar seats in the lower section of gillette stadium for free. :bassist:
  2. Lucky SOB. I could have got free tickets from the USO, but alas, no one to watch the kid and no money to get to Foxboro. Damnable adult life. Well, they were probably crap tickets anyway
  3. not that crappy. we were down in the 100s row 31.
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    They were blowing out tickets I guess. My friend bought his (not sure where) for $30 each and the face value was like $60 or $65, and he said yesterday that WBCN's website was selling the same tickets for $10. Must have had trouble filling the venue. It's a big stadium, but still, you'd expect AC/DC to have a little more pull than that.
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    Back in 1985 or '86 I worked for a pro audio retail company that was a Hill Audio dealer. (Hill Audio was either a British or Australian company that made FOH consoles, power amps, and PA speaker systems based around Tannoy drivers.) AC/DC was touring with a Hill PA at the time, so the manufacturer's rep offered me six front row tickets to their Boston Garden show.

    I passed. What can I say, I was a jazz snob at the time.
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    Bummer. I was at that show, which was the Fly on the Wall tour. It was amazing -- from what little I can remember. ;) Phil Rudd was gone by then, but they were still close to peak form. I caught them in Providence on that tour as well, and it didn't have the intensity of the Boston show.
  7. No, I meant the ones I oculd have got for free were probably junk.