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I just swapped my J-Bass in natural

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Musicman20, Jan 6, 2002.

  1. Hiya

    Im new to here but i thought id let everyone know a problem ive had.

    I recently bought a USA Jazz Bass in the UK and had to wait for it for a few weeks. It was quite a good price, but not the best. I went to a shop i trusted so i paid the extra for peace of mind.

    But, after careful inspection i found some big annoying problems with it.

    A: An area of about 1cm squared had very bad lacquer over the natural finish. It was bubbly...and it seemed it had been rubbed on the official cases inside straps (that hold the lid on). Also, more bad laquer where the strap material finished

    B: What seemed like black ciggarette ash under the laquer on the wood under the laquer in an area.

    C: A badly scratched scratchplate under the new plastic cover sticker thing

    Well, i wasnt happy, i couldnt live with the laquer marks so today i took it back and went to try out another. I tried the same bass in Sunburst but found it very uncomfortable and a few marks on the back, despite being new! Also, little chunks of rosewood out of the fretboard where it meets the neck had been somehow knocked out.

    SO, i didnt want that...in the end i saw a great Black 3 band eq Musicman Stingray which has a perfect finish and a better neck.

    That really put me off Jazzes and buying another fender from Fender Series...but no doubt ill get a better condition Fender one day cos i luv the sound and look.

    The Musicman feels better, looks a bit better (the jazz looked gorgeous if the bass didnt have the probs) and sounds a lot nicer.

    I still love the look and sound of Jazzes but ive been badly put off!

    I think Musicmans quality control is second to none.

    anyone else had probs with new guitars + makes?

    My fender pbass deluxe in natural is loads better quality than the jazz.
  2. Cmon, id like to know if anyone else has had problems like this before.
  3. istaticl


    Nov 29, 2000
    Prescott, AZ
    Are the basses you tried on the sales floor for people to play or were they brand new out of a box? If they were out of the box I would be suprised to see a lack of quality control from Fender.
  4. Maybe its just me and bad luck.

    The one i owned, the natural, was brand new and sent to my house all packaged very well. The company had to order it so it wasnt on the shop floor to my knowledge.

    Im happy with another Stingray anyway, the finish is a lot nicer!

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