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  2. Interesting Davy. I replied to that post. IMO Carvin should be more specific as to what brand of speakers they're using.

    from carvin:

    1.We do not use a eminence 10 in our current RL410T. We did at one time use the "DELTA" before it was called the "DELTA" model.

    2.We now use a superior speaker made to our spec's that imo, out performs the Delta 10 that Avatar uses.

    How does the public know that they are "superior" ?

    Furthermore, this is the first I've heard of the speaker change, and it's probably the first time it's been posted. So Dave from Avatar was stating what he and most people knew, that carvin used eminence speakers.
  3. Though maybe not totally on subject, (yet on the subject of Carvin and Avatar) I bought 4 of the Carvin PS10 speakers for my dad a few years ago for his combo amp that requires a different ohm speaker altogether. He gave them back to me a month or so ago and after looking at the July 2003 issue of bass player, I've been thinking about purchasing two of the Avatar B210 (cabinets only)and fitting them with my Carvin PS10's. I'll be powering them with an undecided power amp and pre-amping them from a Trace Elliot Head. Any one have an opinion or feedback on the idea. ~Thanks
  4. I think that setup will be fine. I personally don't have anything against Carvin, I've been using their pa cabinets and power amps for about 3 years with no problems. I'm just confused as to when they replaced their speakers with another brand.

    But yeah, the setup you described should be fine. I think it's great that Avatar offers speaker cabinets w/o speakers. I've been thinking about purchasing a couple of their CB115's w/o speakers and replacing them with EV's, which I have and are not being used. I'm not sure how it will sound, with cab tuning and all that...but I did ask Dave from Avatar and said it should work fine.
  5. Very Cool, thanks for your input. I agree that Avatar's speakerless cabinets are a good thing to have come by.