I keep changing my mind??!!??

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by rexspangle, Sep 10, 2001.

  1. Well I know 100's of people are always asking what cab to buy, but here is my dilema. I originally was going to go with:

    Goliath III 410
    SWR SOB 115

    But though that is too much to carry around and I dont really want the 15 cause when I get a bigger amp it may not be powerful enough.

    Then I considered:
    bag 410
    bag end 18

    A little lighter but I lost my job and can't afford it anymore.

    So heres the deal I am now considering a single 4 ohm cab. It will be easier to carry than the above well pretty much. And it is cheaper to run my SWR bass 350 at full power.

    So I am now totally ignorant to my new decision. I want a good 4 ohm cab (not 2x10/1x15) To go with my head.

    any suggestions? comments.... I am unsure about a 212 or a triad but hey I may consider.

  2. Steven Green

    Steven Green Guest

    Jul 25, 2001
    Pacific NW
    How big of a cab are you looking for. I would say maybe check out the Mesa 6x10, or SWR Goliath Sr. If that's too big, maybe a Eden 410XLT. Good luck!
  3. natebass

    natebass Guest

    Sep 6, 2001
    Bremerton, WA
    I realize that you mentioned that you did not want to get a 2x10 cabinet...but I used to own a 4 ohm Carvin 2X10, and it killed!!! It handled (I believe) 400 watts, had a tweeter control knob and shipped for under 3 bills when I got it..probably gone up since then...I used it with my old 5 string as well as my Kubicki so it could handle the low end....
  4. Yeah I am ok with a 210 but I know I will end up wanting more so I am just trying to plan ahead. I know of an amazing deal on a gol 3 210 but I dunno.

    And a 6x10 is probably too big but I have considered. :) there is no winning with me is there? I am too indecisive
  5. Deman669

    Deman669 Guest

    May 11, 2001
    Caldwell, ID, USA
    As a working sound engineer. Eden 4x10 XLT. The most played cab I see. FORSFYSD.
  6. boogiebass


    Aug 16, 2000
    I love the Eden D410XLT and consider it the best 410 in its class. However, I think the Goliath Sr. will give you a bit more bang for the buck. I own both cabs. The Sr. is a seriously good cab. Best of all, it's not really all that heavy and just about as easy to load in/out as the Eden 410. Lastly, the Sr. will give you a bit more punch and power handling, it's rated at 1K watts as opposed to, I believe 7 or 750 for the Eden. And then there's those two extra tens...
  7. I've considered a swr gol sr. however all the music stores in my area dont carry them in stock so I am pretty much clueless to their size. I have seen a henry the 8x8 in person :) so how is it compared to him?

  8. boogiebass


    Aug 16, 2000
    You should be able to compare dimensions at swrsound.com. I don't own a Henry so I couldn't tell ya but the Goliath really is not that big or heavy for a 6x10.
  9. JimM

    JimM Guest

    Jan 13, 2000
    Northern California
    The Triad seems like a good cab,but I only tried it in a store.
  10. SWR 6x10 uses the same cabinet as 8x8.
  11. Hey Marty...those sheep still nervous?? ;)

    Marty's dead on, the Goliath Sr. and the Henry the 8X8 use the exact same cabinet. Got one of each on the floor right next to each other at Bass Central, so I see 'em every day. Actually, consider the 8X8 as well, it's a surprisingly fat sounding cab.

    Just trying to make your decision a little more aggrivating, Rex! ;)

    Seriously, based on your original post that you were considering both a 410 and a 115 cabinet, I'd recommend the Triad, it will get you closest to the tone you are looking for, IMO.

    Is this some kind of sick joke??
  13. Imabassplayr

    Imabassplayr Guest

    Aug 5, 2001
    how bout an ampeg or carvin 4x10