I know Mike Porcaro used a Fender Jazz Bass, but did he also use a Precision?

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    Judging by this picture, Mike Porcaro’s Jazz Bass was manufactured in 1980, but it could have been manufactured earlier than that.

    Deciding to ask if Mike actually used a Fender Precision Bass on any of the studio sessions he played on. I’m sure he did back in the seventies, but I believe most of his tenure in Toto he played a Peavey Cirrus 5 string bass, a Yamaha BB414 bass and an Ibanez bass. Mike also used a pick, which is how he got his loud tone. I know David Hungate used a Fender Precision Bass and a white Yamaha bass, but if anyone has any pictures of Mike Porcaro with a Fender Precision Bass please let me know.
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    Mike played a variety of basses over the years. While I don’t know what all he used during the studio years, I’ve seen photos of him with several different Fender J’s.

    Non Fenders he used from the mid 80s on included:

    -F Bass
    -Peavey Cirrus

    I’ll see if I have any photos of him on Precisions.
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    It would be a very principled studio bassist indeed who refrained from ever using a Fender Precision.
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    Sorry to revive an older thread. I know of at least two P basses that my dad had and used throughout the years. One of them just recently came back into our possession last year and I'll attach a photo. The other was an olympic white with rosewood board and tort guard that was loaned out and seems to have disappeared into the ether. Very excited to have this one back though, my dad would always tell me about an early 60s p bass he had with snowflake inlays.

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    Wow, thank you so much for chiming in. It’s great to hear about instruments returning home.

    Believe me when I say, your Dad is still fondly remembered and sadly missed.

    Thanks again, take care!
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  7. Sam, it is a great privilege to communicate with the son of the man I consider to be one of the greatest ever ensemble/session bassists. He was very important in my development as a young player, though of course he never knew that, but suffice to say I loved his playing. Like all the great players, he just had that little 'something'. I was genuinely saddened to hear that he'd passed away

    In 1983 I bought this album on cassette tape and in those days the names of the players were printed on the inside cover. In this case it was your dad, your uncle Jeff and Steve Lukather ( along with Robbie Buchanan on keys). The playing blew me away. Your dad was like Jamerson. He knew EXACTLY when and when NOT to play and his note choices were always perfect. You can be very proud of him. :)

    I always wondered what bass he played on this album and it remains one of my pop favorites from the very early '80's ('81 in fact). I'm hedging my bets and saying it's his early 60's jazz with flatwound strings

    Check it out. His bass playing is ridiculously good, especially in the first chorus.

    Another good one

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    Mike mostly played with his fingers, and then occasionally, a pick. Check out their 2003 Live in Amsterdam dvd...freaking PHENOMENAL.

    Sam, your dad was a badass in grooveland. Always loved watching him jam with Lukather. One of my exes told me back when Mike passed, because she knew how much I loved Toto and Mike's approach to the band. That was a shock when she told me, not only because he was one of my heroes, but especially because he seemed like such a nice guy.

    Cheers to carrying on with music, sir.
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    God, I miss him. He was such a tight player.
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    Sam! Your dad was a huge influence on me. Probably bigger than anyone else...everything from tone and playing subtleties to how I physically wear the instrument. Please let me know if you're ever down here in San Diego, would love to have you over here.

    Lon White
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    Thanks for the kind words everyone!