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    Alright I tried and tossed DOD's distortion and the PD7 and I'm about to dive into another investment in my toys. What do you guys think of these distortions: Budda's Phat bass, fulltone's Bass drive, SWR Interstellar overdrive, Mesa boogie V-1 rocket (made for guitar but some say sounds great on bass too), Gallien Kruger Diesel dawg, and Ebs's multidrive. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I'm tired of that whimpy Distortion that you get when you spend under 80 bucks, and I want some distortion that will really express what I'm trying to say on the fingerboard. I play in a band that does anything from old beach music where I want that old SVT tone, to all out mosh pit metal. DoD's distortion and Ibanez's PD7 just trashes my tone. (believe it or not I think DOD's dist. is better)
    But anyway what do you all think of these brands. oh and I know bass player mag did an article on alot of these pedals. That thread even convinced me to buy the PD7 which I returned. so I guess I'm asking for real world opinions.....
    Thanks :D
  2. There's only one. BP Magazine's review sucked.

    It's difficult if not impossible to 'try' a Fulltone Bass Drive in a store because not too many places carry them. Certainly none of the big chains.
    They are not mass produced by the thousands for distribution to hundreds of retail outlets.

    I bought my Fulltone Bass Drive directly from Mike because I wanted it in a blue Fulltone Fulldrive box (I dig the blue). These handmade beauties are IMHO the absolute best & sweetest OD for bass ever.
    Mike uses top of the line components that are not found in mass produced pedals. The workmanship is wonderful.

    With the compression off it produces a powerful clean boost, be careful not to crank everything up because it pumps out such a huge signal that can actually cause some damage when the boost is on. With compression on it's super nice to have sweet overdrive that cleans up when you turn down the volume on your instrument. Makes a SS amp sound downright tubular. Crank the overdrive for more and more. I keep mine way down at about 8:00 for fattening up the tone nicely. Then there's the boost switch with it's own control. Kick that in for serious distortion.
    The FBD's true bypass makes most other pedals "buffered" or FET bypasses sound like tone sucking vampires.
    You will always be able to get your money out of them because they retain their value (never see a used one for sale).
    Anywho, I love mine. Can't live without it.
    I put it out on stage and always have musicians in the audience comment on the cool box with the rightous tone. It sounds like nothing else, because it makes everything else sound like **** in comparsion.

    Fulltone Bass Drive kicks serious ass with lots of class. If you've got an ear for tone, this will give your dog a bone.

    In a head to head OD comparison the FBD beats the every other pedal in the BP Review hands down. Read the Review carefully. There is one negitive comment about each... except the Fulltone. Even the tone deaf can tell the difference in the quality of tone.

    I will now stand off my soapbox.
  3. I have a Danelectro OD, and very much dislike it, and am also in search of a nie OD, or fuzz. From everything Ive read and heard, the Woolly Mammoth is the best fuzz available, its expensive, but Ive seen them used for as little as $100.
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    I agree with Donne, the Fulltone Bassdrive is a great pedal for what you're wanting. I like the fact that it's got the "normal" mode and the "boost" mode which gives you options in the middle of a song. The true bypass is wonderful; no tone sucking. It can get a nice SVT grind yet with the compression on it can get really nasty Primus sounding; sustain for days.

    Guitar Heaven in Nashville had one when I was in there this week and I think they will give you a trial period.