I leave for the states in 10 days

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  1. Okay, so I'm going to be starting college at Bowling Green State University in Ohio. I'm really excited but i'm also nervous as ****. I've lived in Bahrain all of my life so its going to be a huge change. Its kinda weird because back when I joined TB 5 years ago I was all "damn, i feel out of place since i'm the only person from Bahrain on this forum, everyone's from the states." I mean i'm going to be starting a new life there and everything. I'm not going to miss being here, I'll just miss my friends and family thats all.

    Class starts on the 23rd, and international student orientation is going to be on the 18th. I'll have some time to get familiar with the campus and all.

    Any tips/pointers or anything I should know for when I leave? Traveling with a bass,etc.

  2. Git wit' da honeys.
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    You ever been to the USA before?

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    good luck, we all hope you have a great time at College.
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    I've never been to Bahrain, but I imagine you'll find the states to be a whole lot different. Hopefully in a good way. College should be some of the best years of your life. Enjoy it to the fullest, bro. Good luck.
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    Well, your english seems pretty good...that should be a big plus for you.
    While I tend to agree with the "git wit da honey's" post, don't let it interfere with your long term goal of a degree. Always look past the end of your nose.
    Use condoms if have an oppurtunity to 'git wit a honey'.
    You'll be in the same state as Mr. Bowlus, that alone should make you richer.
    Lets see...what else.... stay off old peoples lawns. Very important. :p

    Good Luck!
    What will you be studying?
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    from what i saw of the general populace of Ohio, you might encounter some resentment toward you regarding your race. I remember talking to my aunt who lives there whilst she was spouting on about how horrible colored people were. Needless to say I vacated that conversation fairly qiuckly. [People, please don't yell at me for imposing blanket statements, I've just never experienced these kinds of attitudes in California]

    everywhere ya go in the states will be homogenous enough across the country. Ya might want to get into baseball and American Football, they're a fairly big deal to many people.

    I dunno how it is in Bahrain, but in America it's necessary to have access to a car if you ever need to go anywhere. I assume you'll be living on campus, so it won't be quite as pressing a problem, I guess if you ever need to go somewhere you'll have to catch a ride with a friend.
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    The U.S. has a wide diversity of cultures and nowhere is this more apparent than on a college campus. Because there are so many different ethnicities, religions, ideologies and customs living alongside one another, it's easy to offend people by making statements about a particular background that can be interpreted as derogatory.

    I think American culture expects that naked observations about race, religion and ethnicity are often best left unsaid and I've observed some newly arrived foreigners to be a bit surprised when their innocent comments are met with disapproval.

    But enjoy yourself and see what there is to see of the whole U.S. It really is an amazing place and you could live here for 100 years and not run out of new things to try.
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    get used to people not knowing the country you grew up in even existed. welcome to america..
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    You know how back home some people are really cool, some are complete idiots, and the rest are somewhere in between? Well, we've got that too.

    Welcome to the U.S., I hope you enjoy your time here.
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    I remember the first time I looked at your location, bassist 4 life, I wondered "Where the hell is Bahrain? Isn't that in Indiana somewhere?"
  12. Welcome to the USA and the Great State of Ohio where I grew up. You'll have Cincinnati to the south, King's Island Amusement Park, Cleveland to the north, Cedar Point right on Lake Erie (almost as nice as the Persian Gulf), and of course the ROCK AND ROLL HALL OF FAME, a most amazing place (assuming you like rock and know anything of its history). Enjoy your time in the states, and be a good boy. Get good grades, graduate, get a good job, contribute to our economy. We'll gladly adopt you.
  13. Welcome to Ohio. Glad to see we're getting another bassist. :)
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    Geez man, don't scare the dude away. :D

  15. Now, now...let's not give him any preconceived notions. He could have wound up in Pittsburgh.
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    Don't trust your secrets to anyone. Don't even say hi to any girl under 18yo. Everything you say can be and will be used against you in a court of law. Don't get mad if people ask where in South America is your country. Do NOT eat fast-food. Do NOT eat anything with high-fructose corn syrup. Don't give your credit card number to buy anything you see late night on TV, it's a scam. There's no public transportation. Welcome to US of America.
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    Thank god NYC is not in America, because in NYC you don't really need a car. Well, maybe NYC is in South America... I am getting confused... :confused::smug:
  18. Good luck with school! Have fun and learn alot! :)
  19. haha, thanks everyone.

    and yeah, i'm actually looking to buy a car. thanks for reminding me that i need to make a thread about that later X].

    i've been to florida back in 97 for vacation. i was like 5 years old though so i dont really remember much. i've been in an american curriculum school with american teachers since first grade. as a matter of fact one of my high school teachers is a BGSU alumni who is there right now for his graduate's degree. its good that i know an adult there.
    I was also in a relationship with an american girl for 11 months so i've been around american people before.

    i've made some friends from BGSU through facebook and yeah, i've gotten the "where is bahrain?" a lot of times lol :p!.

    i'm still 17 years old though, i'll be 18 in march. i dont know if that will affect anything.
  20. rcarraher


    Dec 21, 2008
    Well, Ohio is going to be a bit cooler, climate wise, and the winters may be a shock to you. Bowling Green is supposed to be a good school. I went to Maryland, so I can only speak from reputation.

    I think you'll find the US an excepting society of all cultures for the most part, but as is always the case when different cultures brush shoulders, there will be exceptions. Just know that they are exception.

    Welcome to the U.S. Enjoy.