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I like high-mids and low weight cabs...

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by songwriter21, Mar 9, 2008.

  1. Something strange here. The F1/Epi is my main gigging rig, and I have no problems whatsoever. The F1 does have a very low constant noise level that does not increase with volume.... you pretty much have to put your ear to the tweeter to hear it, but it surely is below any sort of problem threshold (and I like a LOT of treble in my tone).

    Maybe the bass is the problem? The idea that an Epi cab would 'hiss' significantly more than an Eden or SWR cab with the tweeters set similarly just doesn't make sense to me, and also does not match my experiences with these cabs.

  2. songwriter21

    songwriter21 I have an obsession for wood. The musical kind. Supporting Member

    Jul 31, 2005
    Pittsburgh, PA
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    I'm thinking of maybe getting two Berg EX?112's (no tweeters), or two Schroeder Mini neo 12's (also no tweeters).

    Would two twelves satisfy my tone needs,while not having the hiss? I know the latter is obvious, but would it still have the sinister growl I'm after?
  3. The Schroe 112's do growl quite a bit. I don't hear that with the Berg HT112s, even with the tweeters... much smoother, purer sounding cab (and very different from the HS and AE line).

    You know, if for some reason the standard tweeter type cabs don't do it for you with that hiss (I still don't understand that), then the Tri112L might actually be the ticket. The upper treble response is quite polite and attenuated on those cabs versus cabs with standard two way designs and tweeters, and the mid driver will still extend the upper mids nicely on that cab. That cab still does not come to mind when I hear 'aggressive upper mids', but it would attentuate any hiss you are hearing (along with the upper treble).

    I would again think the best thing to do is take a breather and find out what is going on in your signal chain. There are many, many, many bass players, TBers and otherwise, using, for example, EpiUL cabs with Markbass heads or GK heads and getting lot's of grind and sizzle without excessive noise. Something is not right here, and it would be better to get some additional ears on the issue (bass player friends or guys at a music store... whatever) than to continue to churn through all this gear to eliminate 'hiss'. IMO!

    Edit: Also, I assume you are aware that the 'noon' attenuator setting on cabs with tweeters is typically arbitrary. Some aggressive cabs like the SWR cabs or Schroeders can sound overly trebly with the tweeter even at the 10 o'clock level). Other cabs, like the Acme's and Accugrooves can actually sound dull up top with the attenuator all the way out of the circuit (i.e., turned all the way up.. Accugroove actually eliminated the attenuators since those cabs sound a touch dark even with the original attenuators cranked to my ear). The best place to start with a two way cab is with the attenuator at around 9 o'clock and the treble controls on an active bass and amp flat. At that setting with a Berg, Epi, SWR, Eden cab, you should achieve a nice even tone all the way up to the highest treble frequency with a very low noise floor with most heads and basses IME.
  4. songwriter21

    songwriter21 I have an obsession for wood. The musical kind. Supporting Member

    Jul 31, 2005
    Pittsburgh, PA
    Sponsored by Hipshot
    Hmmm, well when I get my GK head, I'll see if it hisses through a Euphonic Audio NL210. I haven't tried that cab yet, obviously, and a local store just started carrying them, but no Schroeder, Berg, or Accu. I figure the NL210 is accurate enough (the webpage says very flat and uncolored), so I can hear if it's my head or bass. My bass that I've been doing the testing with did have a bad electronics problem for a while, and to my knowledge for the most part finally got fixed. But, maybe it came back...who knows. I have an identical bass that has never had problems with hissing that I didn't test with, so I can see if it's the questionable electronics. The untested bass is totally quiet.

    The bass I used to test was a Peavey G5 (graphite neck). It sounds absolutely studio quality, but that hissing from the amp/cab, whatever was insane. If I can get rid of or remedy the problem, I'll be quite happy.

    Thanks for all the info, though, especially KJung-very much appreciated.
  5. Brado


    Oct 19, 2005
    Buda, TX.
    The first time I heard Accu Groove cabs, I thought they were a bit on the "dark" side as well. But; I was coming from years of playing Eden/ then GK. I was used to a hyped tweeter sound. Every time I would go into the studio & go direct, I would notice that my bass sounded nowhere near as bright as it would on stage through my rig (gk). I never had a true reference of what "flat" sounded like. I've taken my Accu Groove cab into the studio....A/B'd between what I hear out of the cab with everything flat vs. what I hear in the studio monitors with all of the fancy pants preamps & zis boom bah. It's the closest I've ever heard. That, to me, is a great place to start. You want high mids, take it from a truly flat starting point & dial it in on your bass or on your amp/eq whatever....That way, YOU'RE eq'ing your tone & not the coloring of your cab.

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