I love DR Hi-Beams BUT ....

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  1. I love DR Hi-Beams. Something about that crisp, clear tone that just works for me. That said, Hi-Beams leave your technique naked for the world to hear -- every bit of string noise that might be present gets caught and amplified.

    On my J-Basses I can work with it -- cleaning up my technique is a work in progress in it forces me to be sharp and precise. The problem is that on my Kingston Artist (passive) with the Nordy MM5.2, it's just too much.

    What string can you guys suggest that gives me that Hi-Beam brightness but would be a little more forgiving on a single H passive bass? (BTW, the bass is a 35-inch scale fiver)

    All replies welcome
  2. Sunbeams, perhaps?

    Of course, I'm part of the camp that believes nothing sounds quite like stainless steel.
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    Have you tried a set of the DR Fat Beams? I have a set of the medium-lights, but haven't put 'em on my fretless yet. I understand that they have somewhat more of a low-mids emphasis, rather than the high-mids emphasis of the Hi-Beams. Might reproduce fewer of every little string squeak and scrape... :meh:

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    .... DR coated?? I am an avid Fat Beams user (on all basses except those that have the Hellborgs) but I have used the Xtra Life's on my 75 P from time to time and although I've never been a fan of coated strings, the DRs have got to be the best of the bunch and might be an option, and a stylish one at that :smug:
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    DR Lo-Riders? They sound great on my Bongo and P.
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    I personally love that harshness. Those strings made me a better player cause they sound so good I want to play, are so clear I have to play better, and not only last long, but age amazingly.
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    I'm with you on the Hi-Beams... When I had them on my J I just couldn't keep them quiet enough. I guess if you like the tension of Hi-Beams then the next to try would be Sunbeams - maybe the warmth of Nickel would help.

    But IMHO, Nickel Lo Riders are the best strings ever!
  8. How long do your DR's last? I use them because they usually last 6 months or more. The drawback for me is that they take a little while to break in. They are too brite at first. Right now my strings are 4+ months old and I'm thinking about getting some new ones for a festival this weekend. I am looking for the same kinda thing. Something that sounds like a broken in DR, not quite as harsh as a fresh set. Lo-riders you say? Do they have the same bite?
  9. I just looked at my last string package and they are the lowriders. Maybe that's why they didn't last as long. What do you think of the Long necks?
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    I agree with the string noise, but between that and the way my g&l l2000 plays, I REALLY had to clean up my technique. I've tried many other strings, and I just cant find one that feels and sounds like the hi beams.
  11. I think the answer is to break your high beams in. I just put a new set on just now and they are very brite. In a couple weeks they'll be perfect. Until then I'll just be extra careful. The low riders I had on before are not as brite but don't feel as good. The highbeams are so easy to bend it's like playing guitar.
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    +1 on last comment. Break them in for a few weeks, even a few months. They last that way for months and months and months. You'll love them!
    Oh yeah, and to answer your question, DR Sunbeams are essentially Hi Beams with a friendlier top end out of the box as they are coated with nickel.