I miss my old tone (Trace/MIJ P Bass)

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  1. I used to play in bands and people would know 'my tone'. Why? Aggressive bass....really aggressive cutting bass.

    Recently I've changed to a much more traditional bass tone. Eg flats, less hi mid and treble, etc.

    I miss what I used to be.

    Which amp do I need to really crank the cutting bass? Will a GB Shuttle 9.2 cut it? I want really thrashy Flea like highs.
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    Nov 27, 2009
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    The least expensive way to change your tone is to change the strings. I own (3) P Basses and I just put on Hartke strings on my P Road bass, and these are working fine. However the Roto 66's on my P bass deluxe do give a cutting edge sound * buzz saw) . Flats for me never seemed to last long and always sounded too "laid back". being in the UK, I don't know what amps are easier to get but if I were over there , Marshall's would be next....take care and good luck .....
  3. There are plenty of vintage Trace amps getting sold on uk ebay.
  4. Flea eh? Gallien Krueger, some good round wounds (like Roto Sound swings myself) and good cabs. All you need after that is Flea's hands and skill ;)
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    Just put rounds on your bass again. Not a believer in throwing money at your gear problems, but that's going to be a necessity. Then use what you've got. Doesn't sound like you're hurting for gear.
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    Rotosound 66's, I'll have to agree. I use the same strings and they produce a nice "zing" unplugged, and when plugged in you can really cut through. Nice and aggressive when you need to be.