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  1. hetsscaryguy


    May 22, 2004
    hey im new here and have been playin bass for nearly a year and a half now. im lookin into gettin a half stack over the summer but all this talk of ohms and stuff is makin my head spin.

    Option 1: a behringer ultrabass 300w head (4 ohms) into a hartke 4x10 cab(8 ohms) is anything going to blow here and what kind of sound will i get, and what wattage will it be putting out. will it be more mid to high or more low end ill get?

    Option 2: a behringer ultrabass 300w head (4 ohms) into a behringer 4x12 cab(16ohm - mono, or 2x8 ohm stereo(can someone please explain what this means especially). i know cliff burton used to use 4x12's but with a 1x15 will the 4x12 put out to much mids and highs and leave out a lot of the low end.

    any help would be great especiall in explaining what the 16ohm mono and 2x8 ohm stereo thing means.

    :edit: ok ive just checked this 4x12 out a little more and it says it 8ohms mono and 2x 8-12 ohms stereo. please help
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    if it is 300w at 4 ohms, and you run it into an 8 ohm cab... i think that would split the power and you would only be getting about 150 of your potential 300...