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I need a little help with choosing a new bass

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Santa Kraut, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. Last week a friend and myself were driving to his house with my bass in the trunk when some idiot decided to rear end him destroying my beloved Fender P-Bass. I looked at the warranty information and they don't cover the type of damage that was sustained (Body split in half, bridge is now bent, and I won't even mention the electronics). At first, I thought I would get a new body and hardware but after looking at www.warmoth.com it would make more sense from a financial point of view to just bite the bullet and just replace the entire thing. So I was wondering what some of you play.

    I tried one of my friend's Fender Jazz bass and I absolutely loathe it, I couldn't stand the pick-ups. A while back I went to my local Sam Ash and tooled around on an Ibanez SRX700, which I loved but the $600 price tag is a tad much. I was thinking of just getting a new P-bass but I want to try something new.

    I play mostly stuff like Iron Maiden, Sabbath, and early metal. And I'm looking for something in the $300-$400 price range. Any suggestions will be appreciated.
  2. Go to www.musicyo.com and look in the 'Tobias' section im in your position aswell sort of, but these basses are good. lol they have the 'steinberger' headless basses on there in your price range aswell, happy hunting:cool:
  3. I certainly hope you filed a claim with the other driver's insurance company! There's no reason for you to lose money when somebody else rear-ended you.
  4. I second the insurance claim idea, there is no reason that shouldn't be covered under the faulty drivers insurance, or your homeowners/renters insurance (you DO have that, right? :) every musician should).

    As for a new bass, for the type of music you play why not hunt around for a Fender Steve Harris model? They are out of production but you may dig one up somewhere new, or find a used one. Its a p-bass.


  5. Thanks for the responses. As irony would have it, it WAS a Steve Harris bass. I'll see what I can do insurance wise but I'm not holding my breath. Afterall it was his car that got smacked and since I paid for my bass using a credit card it has my name on the reciept so we can't go off saying it was his bass. Thanks again!
  6. That shouldnt matter really - its like if you were injured in the accident, they'd pay for your medical bills. Or are you saying you werent in the car at the time, just your bass? That might be a different story.

    Hope it works out.


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