I need a new 15" speaker...

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  1. Hello all, the speaker in my trusty old Hiwatt Maxwatt b100 15" recently "cracked up", no doubt about it, so now I need a new one...

    I was about to order this one; eBay - New & used electronics, cars, apparel, collectibles, sporting goods & more at low prices , but then I figured I should ask around first.

    Are there any other speakers out there in the same price range (or maybe even slightly cheaper?) that I should check out, or is that one a "safe bet"?

    The amp is 100w and the old speaker has an impedance of 8 ohm...

    Regards, Arry.
  2. just ran a quick and dirty calc, it's about 2.5 cubic feet so that speaker looks like it works, but not sure if the cab's ported, though, can you give me the dimensions: height of opening, width, and depth? Metric is OK, I'm bilingual :p
  3. Hmm I thought that a 15" is a 15" and would fit without a problem, I'll be back shortly with measurements!
  4. nonononono :rollno: LOL :D

    the box size and tuning has to work w/the driver, there's much more to replacing speakers than figuring out impedance and power capabilities.

    That said, the CB158 is a very flexible and forgiving driver in terms of box size and whether it's ported/tuned or sealed. And they are nice sounding, on the old school side of the tracks.
  5. Well, the cab itself is:

    61 cm high,

    55 cm wide

    31 cm thick and the speaker itself is about 35 cm wide (give or take...)

    ... I feel like a n00b.. probably because I am, haha
  6. sorry, I meant the port opening, IIRC there's a slot port at the bottom of the cab?

    No worries, we all start at the same place in anything: as n00bs ;)

    Not that I'm an expert by any stretch of the imagination.....:meh:
  7. I honestly have no idea what you're talking about.. :p are you talking about the "slots" on the speaker?
  8. View attachment 261646

    looks to me there's a slot at the bottom of the amp below the speaker. What I'd need is the width, height, and depth of that slot. That way I can do a very rough calc of the cab tuning and determine if the CB158 will work in there "as is".

    If that's not a slot, could you pop the grill off and see if there's a port (or ports)? If so, then I'd need the diameter and depth of those.
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    Also consider the weight of the speaker. That speaker is 17 lbs, but you can get a speaker that will be 'just as good' for about 1/2 that weight or so.

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    Thank you, that is a great resource and bookmarked.

    For my knowledge as well as the OP, how do we best apply this information to the selection?
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    That's what dhsierra1 was getting at by asking for measurements of the port. WinISD is a free download program to plug those specs in and predict how things will act/sound in different boxes and port tunings (and sealed). There a link to it up in the stickies somewhere. That said, the Legend CB15 is about as friendly as you're going to get towards various sizes and tunings. Some speakers work well in smaller boxes, others need larger ones or they lose bass response and get really boomy....in a bad way.
  13. thanks folks :cool:

    So that's why I'm asking for the port dims, then I'll run those and the box dims on WinISD and see how that pans out w/that Emi. Slow day here in not so sunny CA :ninja:

    Agreed, Robby, one could put a lighter driver in there, just trying to save the OP some $ as he didn't state a budget and those neo drivers cost substantially more than the CB158 ;)
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    And with a 100 watt combo amp and the spl of the Legend, the only reason for spending the money would be the weight. Never seen that Hiwatt but if it's old, I imagine it's fairly heavy neo magnet or not.
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    Well, he said "trusty old Hiwatt". One guys old could be another guys last week.:D
  16. IIRC from the Hiwatt website it's sometime like 35 kg (80 lbs)! :eek:
  17. WinISD Pro Alpha
    But there is a learning curve - so take all the help you can get from the good folks here. ;)
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    Get the correct specs from Eminence. The ebay seller's information is a mess. He lists two different Fs specs, and the Vas is all wrong for a 15" as well as the Mms.

    Also, take inside measurements of the enclosure, especially with combos. Looks like you are including the area occupied by the head unit as well.


    The Vas and Qts are too high to use that speaker in a ported box that small.
    The emi neo drivers are great in small boxes, but they can be cost prohibitive. Check out Faital Pro. I have a couple of their twelves and they rival the emis at half the cost.

    edit; If those are your internal dimensions, your cabinet is a bit larger than I originally thought. You'll get a bump in your midbass response, but possibly in a good way.
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    When in doubt (and on a budget), Eminence Beta and Delta 15's work in a variety of old school type cabs and sound very much like the old CTS speakers of the 60's. They're not quite up there with Altecs and JBL's, but they handle a lot more power. No doubt they'd work in your cab.
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    Excellent, thanks all, log on and learn!