I need a new nut

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  1. this could sound bad but I need to get a new nut. I used to use really heavey guage strings (.115-.55) and now that I dont need to play in wierd drop tuning I went back to .110 and now the string slots are cut to low. I really like the idea of the warwick adjustable nut. but this will be going on a fender jazz bass and Im not sure if the warwick would fit. I am just looking for ideas of what kind of material to use to make it out of.
  2. Hey Violatedppl,

    You should probably delete this post and re-post it in "set up and repair". I think you will get more replies.
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    Sep 10, 2005
    You need to be referred to the prosthetics department.
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    Buy a plastic nut from a local shop, even guitar center. They should be about a dollar each and already have the slots cut in. You'll have to do some shaping and sanding on it, but it's a very easy fix.