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I need advice on Ampeg PR-410 HLF versus Accugroove El Whappo

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by BassIan, Apr 8, 2005.

  1. I currently own the gear in my profile - basically an Ampeg SVT 4-Pro into Ampeg's PR-410 HLF cabinet. I play a Warwick Thumb BO 6 string through the rig. I quite like the sound of this setup. The Ampeg cabinet goes low enough and doesn't have exceptionally glassy highs - just a good enough presence. However, I feel as though I am lacking some upper-mid power, and I'm really quite dissatisfied with how much the Ampeg cabinet lacks sensitivity; its rating is 96dB/1W/1M.

    As a result of reading many posts here, I've decided to investigate the Accugroove El Whappo cabinet. It goes low, handles lots of power, and is touted as generally being one of the best. It is, however, a lot of money, even when I sell the Ampeg cabinet. So, to help me decide what to do here, I'm appealing to you.

    Specifically, I want to hear from people who have tried BOTH cabinets and can compare them. I currently play almost entirely fingerstyle, sometimes with some light popping for emphasis, I usually EQ pretty flat, and the music styles range from Funky/Pop (Dave Matthews Band, Doobie Brothers), to Rock/Metal (Finger Eleven, my current band). I am very much into clarity and true clean sound, although on occasion I do utilize overdrive, delay, and chorus effects. Portability of the cabinet is not important, since the Accugroove will be 40 pounds lighter and about the same size as the Ampeg, and I'm totally fine with moving the Ampeg around.

    I hope you can offer me some insight here. Thanks in advance for any help.
  2. I've emailed GH Services, but I'd still really appreciate some input here. Anybody with comments?
  3. inazone


    Apr 20, 2003
    The El Whappo will be more and better at everything except hiss. With the accu cab and 4-pro, you will still be able to have the ampeg sound but you might have to adjust your way of thinking about a EQ bit, not much, but you might look at how to get the same tones in a different, good way. If you get the El Whappo you will keep it for a long time. You might get other cabs but chances are you wont sell the El W.
  4. jokerjkny


    Jan 19, 2002
    NY / NJ / PHL
    from the specs alone,

    IMHO, there's no contest. and like its been said, AD NAUSEUM, search around the forums. PLENTY of threads about Accugroove gear.

    if anything, you wont get many responses about the ampeg gear, cause once you've gone accugroove, there's really no need to try anything else.

    the Accu's are a bit more neutral compared to the Ampeg gear, but again, there's a clarity as well as a waaaaay fatter bottom end. nothing hyped or already EQ'ed in the cab. so, like Ina mentioned, when you get the Accu, you might have to rethink your EQ'ing. again, DONT use your eyes on the knobs, but your ears!
  5. I have tried to read every thread I could find on Accugroove, but I never saw anything comparing it to the PR-410 cabinet. I get the feeling (from playing and listening as well as reading) that the PR-410 is a bit more hi-fidelity (read flat, high quality sound) than Ampeg's other cabinets, so I thought this might actually garner a reasonably comparable duo. Clearly the Accugroove would be an upgrade, but I'm looking for hopefully some experience in comparison. Pretty much, justify the cost to me so I can buy it already!
  6. Are you running your amp in bridged mono mode? Those PR-410HLF cabs sound huge, and they get pretty loud if you throw enough watts into them. You say you're looking for more upper mid emphasis, yet you also said you set your EQ flat. That cab has flat response, so if you want hyped upper-mids, then you'll need to EQ them in. I had to learn this with my Acme Low B4, a cabinet similar to yours. I haven't tried any Accugroove stuff, so I can't comment on it.
  7. Yes, I'm bridging it into the cabinet. Volume isn't so much a concern, since anything I'd need to crank this for would have PA support anyway. I'm just missing the stuff from 2-4khz between the woofers (they start beaming up above 1khz or so) and the tweeter (crossed over at 4khz, -18dB/octave I think), and no EQ can fix that. The Low B4 has a 6" mid driver to pick up between the beefy woofers and the tweeter, where mine just has nothing. This cabinet does indeed sound huge. I usually EQ a little bit of low-mid into my sound, but only a bit, and everything else stays flat. I didn't want to EQ in higher mids, since the cabinet can't produce stuff accurately in that range. I have actually been looking at the Acme cabinets too, but I would like to have the additional headroom afforded by the 6dB more sensitive Accugroove.
  8. My dealings with Greg (GH Services) have been extremely positive, so you are clearly speaking to the right guy.

    As Jokerjkny mentions above, this has been debated before and many times. Still, over the years those previous debates are what prompted me to take a leap of faith last December. I scored an El Whappo. This was not only one of the best gear decisions that I've made, I grow to love it more with every show we play.

    For some reason (perhaps incorrectly) I seem to think that you're looking for something with a bit of extra mid-range emphasis. Jokerjkny's comment on closing your eyes and dialing in the EQ is very good advice indeed. The El Whappo will accurately reproduce anything your amp tells it to do.
  9. Yeah, Greg seems like a great guy to deal with. He's been quite helpful and patient, since I've mailed him a few times before looking for information.

    As for sound, I'm not looking for mid-range emphasis. I'm kind of hearing the hole I have in the sound right now where the woofers roll off and the tweeter has yet to come in. It's that range where I think I'm missing a bit of clarity. Perhaps I am looking for a bit of a mid bite (more lower mid than anything), but my bass (Warwick Thumb BO 6) provides lots of that already with the bridge-biased pickup positions. The biggest deal for me is the sensitivity, or lack thereof with the Ampeg cabinet. I realize it comes at a price to get amazing frequency response, power handling, and sensitivity from one cabinet, so I'm just going to have to pull some strings and take the same leap of faith you did.

    I have a feeling I won't be disappointed if I can pull this off. I hope I can! :meh:
  10. Best of luck, BassIan! I've got my fingers crossed that it works out for you. I'm certain that you will not be disappointed.