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I need an amp cover for my GK sbx 810, need advice.

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by xJasonSmithx, Oct 21, 2005.

  1. xJasonSmithx

    xJasonSmithx Supporting Member

    Jun 25, 2003
    Denver, CO
    Ok so no one specifically makes a cover for my cab and with a lot of gigs in the future I don't want my pride and joy to get torn up. I contacted GK but they didin't seem like they had plans to make one because I was the first person to ask about some as far as the lady I talked to knew.

    Im wondering if a cover for ampegs would work but the GK's specs are 26.5"W X 49"H X 17"D and the ampegs are 48 x 26 x 16.

    Any suggestions in what I should do? Is the custom route very expensive?


    p.s. I am still crazed over how much I love my rig every time I get on stage.
  2. inazone


    Apr 20, 2003
    A) Go to the fabric stroe and make one your self, Its easier than you think and doesnt cost too much.

    B) Go to the fabric store, buy material, take to a local college (sewing class) and ask if they will sew it up for you.
  3. keyboardguy

    keyboardguy Supporting Member

    May 11, 2005
  4. xshawnxearthx


    Aug 23, 2004
    new jersey