I Need Another Bassist Around the NC Triangle Area for 2 bass Trio with Drums

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  1. I am a bassist with unique abilities facilitated by years of playing and my 7 string, MIDI (seldom used), whammy having, semi hollow, 10 pickup-ed Stambaugh Designs Bass... Yes Bass not bass.
    I am looking for someone to do a recording project with two basses me and you, and a drummer. The material is groovy/noisy; a mix of Brazilian Jazz, King Crimson-esque Prog Rock, and old school Funk, and MUSICAL noise. You must be able to improvise VERY well. I hope you can yank a string. You will get all the Marcus Miller stuff; I don't do that.
    Paul Westlake
    Check my Paul Westlake | Experimental from Raleigh, NC page or jazzlake.com
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