I need help to identify this Aria Pro ll bass

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  1. Hi,,I made a trade with a friend for this bass. I give him a Squier Vintage modified jazz bass for this. He wants a 4 strings and I wanted to try the 5 strings again. The only thing that I know about Aria is that John Taylor and some other guys use it. It's an Aria Pro ll bass Made in Korea serial number S5084311. Sound and feel fantastic. Accion is killer and very confortalbe to play especially for me that have some pain in my hands. Active with two bands eq and neck thru construction. Can't find anything about this bass on the web. Want to know how old it is, model, kind of wood and most important, street value(in case that I decide to sale it). The bass is in very good condition. Someone can help me? Any help will be welcome.



  2. darkstorm


    Oct 13, 2009
    Its been yrs since Ive been able to have my hands of Aria's. But theyve impressed me for sound, playability and looks going back to the mid and latter 80's. They made one of the few basses who passive sound impressed me. Though Washburn won out for picking for my own with their new force abt series. I liked their look a little more, but equal good in other ways. lol.

    But anyway, For yours, I'd geauss 1984 going by serial number. Theres a chance its an 2008, but I think their serial number S50 is 50 for that basses number on the assembly line for november 3rd 1984. But sure Aria could tell you for sure. Looks like very nice bass.
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    Jan 10, 2011
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    it looks like th old magna series, but i only remember seeing them in bolt-ons, never a neck-thru. you should contact aria and give them the serial number and they should be able to tell you what it is.
  4. I will try to contact them. Thanks for the help.
  5. dedpool1052


    Jan 10, 2011
    Seattle, WA
  6. You are right,,,it looks like that one,,pretty similar, the dots marks and the bridge are very similar too. I will check it,,,maybe is an Avanti series...By the way try to check on Aria's website but can't find an emal or something to contact them,,,just phone numbers outside US and I live in Puerto Rico.
  7. Can't find anything else,,,damm
  8. Anyone else?
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    I think its definitely an Avante series. I think the serial number dates it to around 1995. I have a 1994 Aria Pro catalog and yours look like it would be the AVB-TN 4 string version in Walnut (WA) finish. Ash body and maple neck. As for value, it's really hard to say but if I were selling it I would try to list it for $500 or so.
  10. thanks,,,I think your information is very helpful for me.