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  1. ok, so this is sort of difficult to explain, but here goes:

    I find that when I am improvising, or trying to come up with a bass part, or even just messing around on my bass, I take a "visual" approach rather than a "melodic" approach

    ie i don't really think of a melodic line in my head, then translate that to the bass, I just know the fingerboard & know the notes & chord tones in the scale & play whatever "looks" right... though it's not really visual...

    I guess I use a "mechanical" approach rather than a "music" approach...it's almost mathematical in a way

    It got me thinking, that these 2 approaches sort of divide bass players...some do it one way, others do it the other

    NOW, of course I would much rather take a musical approach, so my question is...after 12 years of playing, how do I change this? how do I re-learn>

    I *know* I would be a better bass player If I could change this.

    My approach seems to work really well for funk.... but a melodic bassline for a rock song? forget it

  2. Johnny Fila

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    try singing or humming at the same time. such a simple answer, but it works.
    and stop looking at the fret board!
  3. d8g3jdh

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    Aug 9, 2005
    the general consensus seems to be that ear training is the answer to something like this. Im just dabbling in it a bit myself, but it seems helpful.

    and shouldnt this be in GI?