I Need Info on My Late Father’s Mesa-BassMaster 400 and Other equipment

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  1. Ehepp


    Jun 18, 2019
    Hello there! I came across this thread when I was trying to find information on my fathers Mesa-BassMaster 400 and this is the only site that gave me a little insight. I am hoping that I could get more. My brother and I are selling my dads equipment hoping that it doesn’t just sit in a garage somewhere, but that someone with get a lot of use and enjoyment out of it just like he did. My dad always said he did a lot of laying tracks down for other artist, but he did play in his own bands. The biggest one be Slowburn. He played all over the world in the 80’s and after he had his kids he then sold audio equipment all over the world for Roxie, emagic, to name a few. His name was Joel Heppting. I don’t want to sell my brother and I short by just giving away this stuff, but we aren’t trying to break the bank either. Really any information you can give me I will be appreciative of. This is some of the equipment we have including speakers that go with the Mess-BassMaster 400. AA3E8BBA-27B0-45AC-9819-5A8DD7353149.jpeg ACEC8890-A54E-4DEC-9C7E-3027CC0D353B.jpeg 9AB14CBE-3EC8-431E-9799-227A33261ED1.jpeg
  2. Ehepp


    Jun 18, 2019
    Well I’m not looking to sell it on here, I’m just looking for information so I guess my brother and I can figure out how much we want for it. I can’t sell something I know nothing about. And it seemed as though a lot of people knew a lot of stuff on these threads
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    Best and easiest method to get values is look on eBay “sold listings” for each piece of equipment.

    That should get you in the neighborhood.

    Another option is find a music store that accepts consignment sales. They will price it and sell it for you, but will charge commission
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    Nov 19, 2007
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    Kind of neat, apparently this is one of 25 amps made between the D180 and the bass 400. Some info on the amp here:

    Mesa BassMASTER 400??

    Value wise it’s basically a bass 400, look for completed sales on eBay or reverb.com and price similar to those.

    The speakers look more like PA speakers for the PA rack

    Here is a reverb.com search for sold mesa bass 400 amps to give you some idea

    "bass 400 mesa" Gear
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    Firstly I would like to extend my sympathies for the loss of your dad. I miss mine, and my Mum, every day!

    The TOA cabinets are for PA and the Mackie equipment is too. The Hafler is an old power amp like as not used to power the PA. The Sony DAT is like a Digital Cassette recorder.

    We would like to be of more help with prices but we are not allowed by Forum rules.

    Good luck. :)

    Edit: I will add that I think that instead of selling his beloved ‘stuff’ at a dirt cheap price, your dad might well have liked it if you considered donating the equipment to a school where young players can be exposed to good equipment and benefit from it. I have passed many items on to younger folk and it feels really good to do so. :D
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