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I need some help/advice/recommendation with my modification-project.

Discussion in 'Luthier's Corner' started by liquid-dream-ex, Jul 5, 2004.

  1. It is so, that i built a J-Bass Copy a few years ago in secondary school, but soon afterwards i bought a Yamaha, so the self-made bass never got any action.

    The main reasons were: Heavy as a bitch, it just broke my back, sharp edges of the frets/fretboards, and sucky pickups.

    Now i started to modify it, by ripping out the frets, adding some shapings, sanding of the colour.

    I'll make it fretless, although it doesn't have Ebony-Fretboard. My dad (who works as a carpenter (?)) told me, the wood of the fretboard is Oak.

    1. Advice is about the pickup. I want to put in one single MM-PU. Good idea? I though about buying a Häussel-PU (german luthier). Any different suggestions?

    2. I thought, i want to cut the body (ash) into two halfs, take out some wood (leave the wood in the "area" of the neck") cut a F-Hole in it, and make it a Semi-acoustic.
    How much will that influence the Sound? Is it good for doing that to a fretless-bass? Should i rather just make some rootings on the back and cover it, in order to make it lighter?

    Sorry for the "wrong" words sometimes.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. luknfur


    Jan 14, 2004

    I routed a 3/4" x 4" x 7" space beneath the strings of 5 low-end Ibanez basses so that I could mount any pup configuration (although even at that Rics and original MM's presented an issue).

    Little detour here: Since you're going to be routing anyway, that may be something to think about. I haven't even thought about buying another bass since the routings - just pickups. Extremely practical for many reasons. You can always cover the routing with a pickguard when you choose.

    Anyway, the basses acoustically ran from thudder to bright - and I couldn't tell any change in tone. So if the routing made any difference in tone, it couldn't have been much. Before routing I posted a thread about that and in my recollection the synopsis was that it may cut a little on sustain and darken it up a little. I think it may have made the thudder a bit more so but the others seem unchanged. One of the reasons I play the low-end Ibe's is cause they're light and I could definitely tell the drop in weight. They used to weigh in at roughly 7 1/2 pounds, now they're roughly 6 lbs.

    When I was looking into a Beatle Bass I ran across comments cautioning against buying one with F holes because of problems with feedback - don't know if there's anything to it or not cause the one I bought didn't have 'em.

    I've ran lots of pups and they're a matter of preference, and will sound different in different basses with different strings ran through different rigging played with different accompaniment using different technique. Basically, you won't know what it will sound like till you put it in. Personally, I wouldn't buy any pup that I couldn't get my money back out of. There are always more pups and lots of them will be good enough

    Also, if you're going to go fretless, you need to be able to get the fingerboard dead level. I would seriously consider proper fretting unless you like the sound of a fretless - and frequent adjustments.

    Good luck