I need some help with learning Portrait of Tracy

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  1. Hey guys.. I've been learning Portrait of Tracy for a while.. I need some tips on how to hold the bass notes while hitting all of the harmonics correctly. I can do the song basically.. just with it sounding really bad.. :( I really love this peice. any help will be really great! Thanks.
  2. Woodchuck


    Apr 21, 2000
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    Hey, that's what's killing me also! All of you bass lords out there, help us out!
  3. I made a really bad mp3 of what I can do so far.. hehe I sent it to a few people.. they said it was good but it sucks :( my g/f loves it though.
  4. beermonkey


    Sep 26, 2001
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    I use my thumb to play the bass notes and use my first and middle finger to play the two harmonics. You have to pull the string with more of an upward motion (away from the bass, not toward the ceiling) when playing the harmonics, or else you'll inadvertantly mute the bass note that's supposed to be sustaining. This stupid song... OK, I love it, but it took me FOREVER to get so I could play it cleanly.

    practice, practice, practice...
  5. could you record how you play it? I would like to hear how other guys are doing it. :)
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    Mar 30, 2000
    Bass -> line input of the sound card. Or even better, Bass -> amp -> line out of amp -> line input on sound card. You would probably have to use a 1/4" male -> 1/8" male adapter if you have a regular sound card (which I presume).

    If you have a sound recording software, just open it and hit record. Normalizing afterwards (increasing the volume as much as possible without clipping) could be desirable if your recording level is low. If you don't have proper software, get Goldwave, www.goldwave.com. It's shareware but without limits. With Goldwave you can record sound and even save them directly as MP3's. Very convenient, and it's a solid piece of software otherwise as well.

    There. We're waiting... ;)
  8. any of you people want my mp3? :)