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i need some help with my band

Discussion in 'Band Management [BG]' started by gallienkrueger, Jan 2, 2004.

  1. My band was formed in september when we finally got a drummer. My original intentions were to make a band that was like Dave Matthews Band and Phish. So for the first few jam sessions, it was just me the drummer and the rythym guitar player which joined the group when we got our drummer because this kid was into all those kinds of bands. Then about 2 weeks later we brought my friend who is the lead guitar player. Everything was going the way that i liked it until my friend came along, he is completely opposite of the Dave Matthews thing, so even from the start, he was trying to put more of a metal spin on the music. Lately, the songs we've been writing his trying to put a mars volta spin our music(DAMN THAT BAND!) and all he does when he's playing on his own is all those stupid feedback things they're guitarist does. So now you have a band where the original intentions started as a Jam band and now its just noise since all that has been written is mars volta like stuff.

    sorry if that made no sense but my rant is

    i can't stand playing bizarre stuff like that. i want to pay music people want to hear like dave matthews plus at the same time thats making me a better player bassline structure wise. I'm not enjoying myself playing this crap, what should i do, should i have a nice talk about making our music differant to a more listener friendly, have a talk with them and have a more mature way of leaving the band, or just get pissed off with them and leave on a very unprofessional approach.

    what should i do? :confused:
  2. Boplicity

    Boplicity Supporting Member

    What you are finding out is that having a band is about more than just music. It is not uncommon for interband politics to be the hardest part of being in a band...not the music.

    In fact, it is the politics of a band that often leads to its demise or, at the very least, a shakeout amongst the players as some feel left out of decisions, over ruled or ignored when a new member joins the band totally changing the band's dynamics.

    Often the "founder" or creator of the band is the very one who finds himself left out in the cold. Often, too, it can be the one who has done the most to bring the band to where it is, but a new member or a new power coalition can turn on that very person. This action often seems senseless and arbitrary to the person who feels betrayed by the turn of events. I speak from personal experience.

    What you attempt to do about the unwelcome change of music style may have little or no bearing on the band's direction. That said, I believe that an open discussion in which your differences are calmly aired is probably the most effective way to procede. At least that way, you won't burn your bridges even if you do eventaully leave the band because the guitaris's opinion prevails. OR...he may leave and YOUR opinion may prevail.

    Another approach is one I often see on the Survivor series in which participants go behind one another's backs and try to form a coalition of people on their side before they have the "big discussion." That way you will know ahead of time whether you can sway opinion in your favor.

    Be warned that you may discover that no one supports your opinion OR you may be happy to discover the others support your opinion over that of the guitarist. Then you all can present a united front against him. If you do, be prepared for him to leave in anger. Well, it's him or you anyway, isn't it?
  3. yeah i guess so. I had a talk with him. he's just being a douche and is making it his way because he is doing all the song writing. but then i said i would quit if he doesn't start writing stuff driven more into a direction of dave, and i know if i quit if they found a replacement it wouldn't be the same and they'd break up a week or two later.

    it really isn't much of a new member thing. It was more like me and him were jamming together now since the 6th grade(its 4 years we've been jamming), and the drummer and the ryhtym guitarist were jamming together for quite a while themselves and i met the drummer in marching band and we kinda combined ourselves into one band.

    another thing that now is getting on my nerves is he got a Half stack for christmas(every single piece of guitar equipment he owns mommy and daddy bought him as a christmas present) and its one of those 100 watt tube heads that for him to get the distortion to sound decent, he has to turn up the volume alot and that forces me to play ultra loud too and then the drummer to play ultra loud and the ryhtym guitarist is almost non existent. let alone he didn't get a footswitch yet so everytime he needed to switch back and fourth it caused us to break for a few for him to do that and it screwed up everything time wise. its just a mess.
  4. GDAE


    Aug 14, 2001
    Have you tried maybe finding a middle ground between what you like and what he likes? I was in a similar situation where I wanted to play more listener friendly music that was simple while our lead guitarist wanted to play music that was strange for the sake of being strange. What we've written so far has fallen somewhere in the middle and I've enjoyed it far more than what I had originally wanted to write. I have no idea if this will work for you, but it's worth a shot before you quit the band.
  5. If it is really agravating you this much ( which by the long detailed posts I assume it is ) start looking for some other players. Don't leave the band completleey but just start looking around and playing with other people. If that doesn't go well do what Boplicity said and confront him with the other band memebers ( assuming they feel the same ). And bithc him out about the footswitch. Thats annoying ! Keep rocking and don't leet this get in the way of your real reason for playing.. to have fun ! :bassist:
  6. RicPlaya


    Apr 22, 2003
    The Mitten
    He sounds like bit of a menace or your typical younger guitarist. What I would do is sit down with the guys and ask "what do we want to do with this band" if you want to play out then you need to diversify like you said and play to the people likes. If you want to be totally new and original then so be it play that weird crap. It sounds like members of your band want both so you must compromise, you and him. If not move on. As far as him jacking up the volume tell him his stack is only for stage mix so everyone can hear it in the band and when you play out you mic the guitar cab and the PA carries the sound to the crowd so stop ruining the mix and volume levels. Find a level your comfortable with that sounds good and everyone can hear. Make him turn down instead of the band turning up, keep the PA anology in the back of your mind when discussing this with him. But your band lacks a direction, that's the main problem. Tell him he can't be stubborn and niether can you or it won't work. good luck

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