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    Apr 25, 2001
    I don't think this post belongs here, but I didn't know where else to put it. Here is my problem. I am taking a class called history of the 50's, 60's, and 70's. My assignment is to find a song based on an event from this time period. I know there are a lot of songs, but i was wondering if I could get some suggestions from you guys. Thanks!
  2. Fortunate Son by CCR was about Vietnam and that was '70's.
  3. That's an excellent suggestion. The "fortunate" refers to the fact that those of us who were at least middle class and able to go to college, or well connected, didn't have to really worry about getting drafted and going to Nam as long as our grades were decent.
    "What Are We Fightin' For?" by Country Joe & the Fish was a super popular anti-Nam war song....."be the first family on your block/To have your boy come home in a box....whoopee!"

    "Ohio" by Crosby, Still, Nash & Young was a super powerful song about the killing of student protesters by National Guardsmen at Kent State in Ohio.

    "Woodstock" by C,S,N & Y.....well, the name says it all.

    "All She Wants to do is Dance" by Don Henley of the Eagles, about US involvement with contra military in Nicaragua ("she" is the US)