I need to know if you guys have any experience with this instructional book/cd

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    I know, I know, I should be suspicious of any instructional book with the word 'Rock' in the title, but this book seems to cover the styles of the rock greats. Any comments?
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    I notice J. Liebman is the author. I have another one of his instructional books and CD sets, but it is in a pile of other books somewhere and I'm not inclined to dig it out. I remember it was certainly acceptable and useful.

    One thing I can tell you from personal experience. Often it isn't how well the book is presented, but how well the student works their way through it and how much dedication they apply to the book. What I mean is, there are many, many excellent books, videos and CDs for bass players now.

    I have dozens of books, CDS and videos. If I had diligently worked my way through every one of them, I'd be a really exceptional player by now. But many of my instructional materials gather dust.

    I say give the Liebman book a try, but REALLY give it a try with all your heart. Take as much time as you need to master the material. Don't rush. If it takes a year, so what?