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  1. Hi, I bought a used Hevos 400B, which is the older type, the one they had before they made the new 400D. The 400B has an analogue solid state power stage and a tube pre-amp. It weighs 11 kilos, and (!) has NO ventilator but aluminium cooling ribs, which is enough. So: it is silent.

    The sound: clear but with warmth and good low/mids. Not very coloured. At first you think: is this all? But when you switch back to your old amp, that old amp will sound muffled, or thin. And you will want to get back to that superior, detailed but always 'bass like' amp the the Hevos is! Love it!

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  2. Those amps look very, very, very cool! You don't see them in the US too much. The relatively new 800 looks pretty amazing, and the cost in the US is about the same as a similarly powered Glockenklang.

    Post a picture of your rig if you can!

  3. They are indeed great amps. I showed mine to my bass teacher and guess what? He liked it a lot and he immediately asked if he could borrow it for his next gig. So, when I have it back I will take a picture.

    Quality wise they are comparable to Glockenklang. As for sound, I have not compared them A-B. Rob de Vos from Hevos says that the Hevos amps are a bit warmer than Glockenklang amps. From what I recall (I played a Glockenklang Soul once) I think he is right.

    Edit: I could not find the english word first, but what I mean is that the amp is clean and detailed but has a good warm base and gives a nice 'burp' :)

    Hevos (in the Netherlands) is only 250 kilometers from Glockenklang (in Germany). The Netherlands and Germany are very similar in terms of cost of labour etc, and given that both amps are high end and locally made, it is no wonder that the prices are similar. Of course, with the weak dollar / strong Euro, EU products are expensive in the USA. Fortunately for you, there are lots of US high quality amps to choose from! It would be nice to compare all these amps: EA, Glockenklang, Hevos, Tunderfunk, Epifani and so on. But most of these amps I have never seen in real life!

    The nice thing with small high end manufacturers is that you can talk to the guys themselves, which gives confidence in their products. Rob even gave me a 6 months guarantee - on a 5 year old used amp!
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    I've never even seen one of those in person, but the reviews I can find on them read well...
  5. A friend of mine used to play this 400 w amp for quite some time, so I thought I should give it a try and take it out on a few gigs. Since I play the Hevos Power Set (1x15 & 2x10) it could be a perfect match (I thought).
    The Hevos stuff is first class quality, no doubt and it sounded great on its own, maybe a bit "tame" and "soft".
    The problem started as soon as the band joined in....I got buried - totally, couldn't hear a single note I was playing.
    Of course you start to use the EQ, add some mids, add some highs, cut the very low bass, just the bridge pickup...whatever, I didn't work. Big disappointment.

    The cabs are great but this amp couldn't cut at all, no matter what I tried. I play the DB750 in combination with my Hevos cabs most of the time and the difference is huuuuge.
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    I bought a used 400D some time ago, very happy too :)
    What cab are you using with your amp?

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