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I Played a Mike D!

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Microbass, Jul 21, 2004.

  1. :D
    as I walked into the music store, I heard angels singing in the bass department, so I went through, and there was a bright yellow light.. and there it was. (likely) Overpriced in all it's glory.

    a sunburst with white guard Mike D Sig. I didn't get to play it through a very top end amp, but it is the only P-bass I have played in years that I enjoyed, soundwise, but mainly playability. intonation was off, so I just did my best.
    harmonics were decent for not having a bridge pup, below the 3rd fret harmonics became harder to play. slapping and popping was fun and worked well for me, although I would've liked the strings a tidbit lower.
    i liked the neck, too. the last Pbass I played I didn't like it too much at all. Im a big fan of Ps and other bassist's sounds but I could never get that on a P. Yesturday I had a pretty damn good sound !
    the general sound was clear and punchy with some warmth. it does look good in person. :D
    build quality looked good and solid, i forgot to check the headstock, but I'm sure it was a CIJ.

    sorry this isnt too indepth - i just wanted to brag to jasonbraatz. but i have this feeling he's gunna tell me hes bought a white 'yin and put a tort guard on it... :mad: :p
  2. Yey! My excitement mounts. The Big MD should be here tomorrow or Friday. :hyper:

    I'll use it at practice on Saturday and give you all a review. Yes, I will post pix this weekend. :)