I Played an Aguilar Tone Hammer & WOW

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  1. In my World 'O Bass Amps, one tube is good and five or more is Nirvana. But a few evenings ago my rock band, The Canary Promise, played an open mic night at a Sam Ash Music in Richmond, Virginia and I used the Aguilar amp they had on stage; I believe it was a Tone Hammer 700 with either a DB-212 or a DB-410 cabinet.

    You only have ten minutes to take the stage, play two songs and leave, so I just plugged my 1967 Fender Precision Bass (I wrote about finding it last year on Talkbass) with Ernie Ball Colbalt Flats and went to work without even looking at the settings. I used my Zoom H4 to record the set from behind the audience.

    Both of the songs we played called for a busy bass line using a heavy pick; the amp sounded boomy on stage so I bumped the treble up on the bass and took a little off how hard I was picking, which let me hear myself better.

    I was pleased with the bass sound on the recording. Unlike what I heard on stage, the bass was clear and defined and had a little "grind" to it - although more of this would have been better. I can see myself getting a Tone Hammer if I ever get tired of my Markbass Little Mark 800.

    You can hear our two original songs on Dropbox at:
    Dropbox - 010_Canary_Promise_Sam_Ash_Open_Mic_Nov_7_2018 - Simplify your life
  2. I reckon it was a Tone Hammer 500, as the 700 has only just come out... are there any out there IN the wild yet?
    I sure ain't saying that it WASN'T a 700, just that far more likely to be the 500.
    Superb amps tho. And with a P bass with flats.. . Say, no, More!
    I use all tube amps 90% of the time- AD200B, Fender Super Bassman and V4B, are my go to's, and the TH500 is my pick when the access to stage is on the rough side! I've not found any other micro's that punch like it.
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  3. After playing through the Tone Hammer the other evening, I'm kicking myself for not trying one out when I bought my Markbass last year. I may have still went with the Little Mark Tube 800, but I should have A/B'd them. BUT the sound on the stage was not as good as what ended up on the recording; I was ready for me to be too loud and a little boomy.
  4. The DRIVE control on the TH500 is a combined hpf/lpf, which could've helped there
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    Good on ya for getting a recording. Everyone tells us how something sounds to them, but a recording is always better
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    Aguilar is the shiznit for sure.

    Could very easily been s TH700... I got mine this past Monday.
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