i realise this has probs already been cover but (diagrams needed)

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  1. ok so im thinking of doing up a old jazz bass copy that ive seen in a pawn shop

    now the pickups on it dont look to great so id probs get rid of them

    what i would like to do is replace them with a jazz pickup at the bridge and a p-bass pickup at the neck

    im not into active electronics so thats out

    but what i was wondering (cos im a bit of a noob and never paid atention in science class) is what is the wiring diagram needed for such thing

    i want 1 volume, 1 tone and a selector

    my mate says if i can get the diagram she would do it for a bottle of beer (obvo after she does it)
  2. What type of pickup selector switch will you be using?
  3. all i know is it will be a 3-way selector

    my mate says she will find the best for my money

    soz i cant be much more help than that
  4. Ok, here is a "universal" diagram then:

  5. thanks

    ill send this to my mate to see wich one she wants to do

    id like the gibson but ill go for whatever is easyer for her
  6. A Gibson switch would probably be easiest.

    I put a Strat/Tele style blade switch on my Jazz, and it took my luthier a considerable amount of work to route the bass for it.
    It's much easier to do these switches when you have a CNC machine...

    DPDT mini toggles aren't the first choice for a pickup selector switch. The Gibson style toggles are much sturdier and more likely to stand up to repeated use.
  7. ive got a aria xrb with a gibson switch and its awesome