I really enjoy being with my extended family, what happened?

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    I just spent four days with my extended family and I really liked it. What the heck is happening to me anyway?
    I was with them Wednesday through Saturday, in my home and in other homes. I didn't have a moment to myself until last night when I got a half hour of reading time before bed. There is still way too much drama over Monopoly and other board games, people still hoard food and I my only gift was a really crappy cheap tool set but I still had a great time.
    Wresting with the kids, cooking, eating and laughing with the adults. It was great. When the inevitable "We are getting old" conversations came up I walked away and played with the kids. I am really tired of that conversation over and over again.
    The family used to drive me nuts, some of us have changed and some haven't. I guess it is my outlook that is making these times fun for me.
    Did you spend time with family last week? How was that for you?
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  2. You know the old saying, "You can pick your friends but you can't pick your relatives". That is kind of where I am at. With that said, I do enjoy being with some of them but some of the others always involve some type of drama. Anyway...it is just a few times a year so I can man up and endear.
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    Or "You can pick your nose but relatives are always up in your face." or something like that. ;)
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  4. I've never had kids of my own and grew up in a close mouthed, introverted environment. I think I could count on 2 hands how many times my folks entertained. The only time we really socialized is when we went over to my dad's relatives place. His mom, and a brother and 2 sisters who never married and lived with their mom. I got married at 52 (59 now), and along with my wonderful wife, picked up her son, his wife, their 2 children ( 2 years old and 8 months now), her daughter and her husband, as well as her ex sister in law, her husband, and their 3 kids in their 20s who are still family even though she divorced the ex sister in law's husband. There's a line in one of the psalms, "He places the solitary in families" and this certainly applies to me. My granddaughter is crazy about me and the feeling is mutual. We were over at their place, she was sitting on my lap at the table wrestling with a chicken leg. John and Vickie looked at me because this awestruck look came over my face and I told them "it doesn't get any better than this." We also met on Christmas day for dim sum, and it was such a special time, money just can't buy these joys. I've always loved Christmas, but my mom, dad, and one aunt have died along with her mom and brother. I'm left looking after the surviving 93 year old. We went over with pizza on Christmas day, so the day has changed significantly from those family times with the traditional feast and presents. I'm happy to report that Christmas is still special for me because of my 2nd family that this solitary man has been placed in. Here's a picture on OV and I. I think she feels bad about me not having hair, so she does what she can whenever we get together with play dough:

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    That is great Bachlover. She is a real cutey.
    I am kind of like you except I got married younger.
    I grew up with my 5 siblings and parents and no local relatives. Never met my grandparents. We never socialized and I am not that close with my brothers to this day. My parents are dead.
    I inherited this crazy hispanic family at 29 years old. They accepted me as part of the family and I have never looked back. When I grew up you didn't interrupt and I learned the best thing for me to do was keep my mouth shut. In my current family everyone talks at once. If someone interrupts you just talk louder. That is how we end up with a room full of people all shouting. Everyone takes food off and adds food to other people's plates and we have a great time.
    I am now the older generation and everyone my age is a recovered addict and/or alcoholic so none of us drink. The younger folks don't drink out of respect for us. We still get crazy though.
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  6. hdracer


    Feb 15, 2009
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    I was very blessed this year. All of my kids were in town at the same time and we got to spend Christmas Eve together. It was the first time in over five years.
  7. Sub Filipino for Hispanic, and I have the same story.
  8. I am sitting at my fathers computer in his office at his house in Bradenton Fla. Took Seahag , Gatorbait and me 19 hours to drive down here. My folks and my sister (she lives with them) almost always used to drive me crazy and for years I avoided this place. We have been having an absolute blast for the last few days. Been out to restaurants and doing stuff around town .Tried to go to the beach the other day and hit a traffic jam so we turned right and all hit a local bar. Stayed for hours and never did make it to the beach. I'm having the time of my life and will truly regret when we have to head back home in a few days. And to think , I wasn't all that hyped up to come down here. Go figure.:hyper:
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    We now have some Filipinos in the family as well. It's a typical American melting pot.
  10. I have a sister who is not certifiable, she is certified... Drama is who she is and what she does. I love her kids, grandkids, husband. I love her too, but I can't be around her at length.

    My brother and I and our wives had a nice day together. We called my sister and wished her a happy Christmas. It works for me.
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    I don't know. In my family that saying always went "you can pick your nose, and you can pick your friends, but you can't pick your friend's nose."
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    Oct 19, 2000
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    My wife and I both come from a family of 5 siblings. We had a 3-generation gathering of 12 from her side - including in-laws who drove in from Denver - a few days before Christmas and on Christmas day, and then we all got together and watched the big state rivalry ball game on Saturday. Then after Christmas, my brother and family from D.C. came in and we have had extended 3-gen hangs of up to 18, including an invasion of our favorite Vietnamese restaurant. We both love our families, and AFAWC, life just doesn't get any better than this.

    Even the "we're getting old" conversations don't bother me, because they are about the shifting of roles rather than just kvetching about stiff knees. The folks are getting on, and the kids are going to middle school/high school/college. These little gatherings are the place I would rather be than just about anywhere else, kind of a centering before getting back to the grind. Happy to find this thread here. :)
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    I'm happy for you. Occasions when family can get together are precious, and become more so every year.
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    Dec 25, 2000
    I love my family, but I loathe family get togethers. I didn't have to partake in one this year. That's a-okay by me.
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    I hear you. Had a screaming match with a brother-in-law at our last extended family gathering in September. We got together in October for lunch to work things out and enjoyed ourselves. It made Christmas a lot more fun.
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    Mar 13, 2014
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    This year it was me, my wife, the 4 cats (Target, Frrito, Lulu, and Ellie) and the dog (Bella) in the RV at Eisenhower State Park on Lake Texoma near Denison, Texas.
    Son, girlfiend, and daughter went to NOLA. We did all the family get togethers earlier this year.
    This is what I saw right in front of the RV while out walking the dog. Distance from RV to deer is less than 100 feet. As long as I didn't move, she didn't. Also saw a couple more where we turn off the main park road into our camp site area.
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    I bet! Getting that stuff worked out works MUCH better than letting it lurk. That almost always turns out worse. Good for you!