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I saw the Frog Brigade on Wed

Discussion in 'Bassists [BG]' started by Lowend4s, Jun 22, 2002.

  1. Lowend4s


    Jan 2, 2001
    and let me tell you

    Les Claypool is not just a bassist

    He is one hell of an entertainer!
  2. when i saw them i was actually more impressed by Skerik (sax) then claypool!
  3. Matt Till

    Matt Till

    Jun 1, 2002
    Edinboro, PA
    Has Skerik laid off the effects? On the first frogs CD, he uses the most awful effects. :rolleyes:
  4. i didnt care for his effects on the actual frog cd but live they were amazing. He used effects almost all of the time but it sounded really good.
  5. Matt Till

    Matt Till

    Jun 1, 2002
    Edinboro, PA
    Well that's good. But on the CD... ughhhhh :rolleyes: , ESPECIALLY Running the Gauntlet where he goes out of his way to make as much noise as possible and at the end it just echos a terrible noise that just seems to go on forever... dl;askfja;sldfkj;sdlfkja;sdlkfj;dlfjaslfj
  6. Why must I be Canadian?
    Les Claypool isnt comming here. It sucks
  7. iam seeing him friday with moe.can any one tell me what they will be playing if uhave seen them on this tour.
  8. iam seeing him friday with moe.can any one tell me what they will be playing if u have seen them on this tour.
  9. hey im seeing them this friday with moe as well... all i know is that they will be playing a lot more orignals this time and not just all covers... go to www.primussucks.com and check out the bull board. people usually post setlists and stuff on there. Oh yeah and I can almost guarentee you WILL hear Thela Hun Ginjeet by King Crimson... they always play that.
  10. if u see a kid with green hair its me.i had no clue u lived in mass.

    opps your from ri.
  11. I happen to like Skerik's effected playing on Live Frogs 1.
  12. me to.i think there kick but.i would die if les doesnt have a solo .cant wait a few more hours.
  13. do you really think he wont have a solo??? its claypool!
  14. What did you huys think of the show? I thought it kicked ass. What did you think of Moe? I thought they were boring as all hell.
  15. Moe was amazing. I thought moe and frog brigade were a lot alike, both took relatively basic songs and extended them with solos and improvisation. The best part of the show was that i managed to get center stage in the 6th row for both performances... wish i could go again today...
  16. i was like 4 or 5 row hole nite. i like moe music but not the words to the songs.god is light god is good.hahahaha not my cup of tea. i left after there frist set.

    a moe fan turned around grab my freinds nipple then sucked his own finger in a werid way looking at my freind.then a biut latter mooned us.

    am i alone,there was a group of girl in front of me with more arm pit hair then me and my freinds i dont mine buit thought it was funny.

    claypool was sic. me and my dad were planing to bulid a electric upright but after that show my dad is really in to it.he all so wants to make some thing alot like the one string thing claypool played on the last song. i so have to buy there new cd when it comes out

    also i thought it was funny you could buy les claypool rolling pappers wich i did but you couldnt smoke.

    o yeah iamnotgeddylee you must of been right near me or some thing. were you the person trying to smokeing a joint during moe and was playing air bass lol
  17. there was a kid sitting in the row behind me with green hair. i believe he was wearing a pink floyd t. I was the one in the Fantomas shirt with the long black hair to the left of you(him)... i am PISSED i didnt see the claypool rolling papers... i am kicking myself in the ass now.
    anyway the show was great but to tell you the truth i thought something was bit off with the frogs. they didnt seem to be as into it as usual and definetly were not as good as last time i saw them... the new songs were awesome though.

    "Its not everyday you get to do Satans laundry"
    -Les Claypool
  18. that was me.i didnt even think they were pappers i thought they were stickers.there like 1 and half pappers allmost 2 inches. really big like jokers.they had them next to the stickers and what not.o yeah the were selling bic lighters with claypool on them for 3 bucks (rip off)

    were you with the chic that didnt shave here pits and had did you bonaroo written on her arm. when i was wacthing the frogs i was thining some thing isnt right.he probly wasnt in to it during his set it wasnt even half full. pretty funny what he said to the guy laying down.

    iam trying to find a pic of the one string thing he made.my freinds i was with want me to make it.

    Fantomas rocks.
  19. no i wasnt with the armpit bonaroo chicks...
    im sorry i actually meant that i was to your right... one row infront. that one string instrument was built by some fan and given to claypool... its called a whamola. It is based one the same idea as a washtub bass really. The strings tension and pitch is altered by the large whammy bar on the top... I just couldnt believe the range on that thing. It was going lower then any bass I have heard before.
  20. Really? Well whatever floats your boat, but i didnt see any similarities other than they played music, which doesnt count. One of the coooolest parts was when les left for like 10 minutes and the 2 drummer/zylaphone(sp?) guys had that big solo. That was awesome.

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