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I saw the Wootens again last night

Discussion in 'Bassists [BG]' started by heavyJams, May 9, 2002.

  1. Every Wednesday night for the past nine years the Wooten Brothers have been playing in Nashville at this club called 3rd and Lindsley. It's only $5 to get in and it's the greatest live show I've seen. In case you don't know, Reggie (the oldest Wooten brother) taught Vic and the others how to play their instruments. He teaches a lot of students around the Nashville area and I have tried twice to set up bass lessons with him. Anyway, Vic is on tour with the Flecktones so he doesn't play with them, but the guy that has played with them the three times I've seen them is awesome. His name is John Billings. Some of you have probably heard of him as he was/is the bassist for the Donna Summers band. The guy is awesome. He slaps as fast and as clean as Vic does and he's just an incredible bassist. He is always dead on, never loses the groove and just flat out rocks. If I don't get in touch with Reggie soon, I'm just going to try to corner him to get lessons. Anyway, if you're in the Nashville area, you should definately go see their show on a Wednesday night. It's only $5 and you won't regret it. The venue's website is www.3rdandlindsley.com I believe. Hope to see you there one day.

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