i still have a few finishing questions that i couldnt find on the site...

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  1. I am planning on refinishing my wine red jazz bass in polyesture to a wine red in laquer. I was wondering if i have it right befor i start sanding my finish off.
    heres what is in my mind right now
    -sand off all the finish
    -use an oil based filler and then sand off excess
    -put on white primer?
    -spray on the wine red laquer (how many times?)
    -spray on a highgloss coat of laquer
    -polish it

    is that correct? and i missing something? do i need the primer? should i sand paint off at all? should i hang it to spray it, or lay it down, or does it matter?
    its alot to ask i know.... but it would be greatly apreciated
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    Mainly i painted cars, but your goin in the right diretions

    use a tintable primer, get it semi close to your base color ( lighter if anything, not darker ) block sand it down with 600 grit.

    if your goin for a solid color, usually 2-3 medium wet coats will do ya in, sometimes a light block sand with some 1500 to get out the junk in the paint, let dry fully ( i like 1 day )

    next day, coat of clear, let it cure, wet sand with 600-1000 to get ripple/orange peel out, second coat,same thing, 3rd coat, 1000 grit sanding, then 1500-2000 grit to get a nice mirror shine, followed by a 2 part buffing compound.

    cheers PB
  3. Kelly Lee

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    I take a differnet approach in this area. The color and shade of it can be used to lighten or darken your final finish color. Not a whole lot but a subtle difference sometimes makes it just what you wanted. Just something to keep in mind.
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    Do I understand that you want the same color bass, but you want lacquer instead of polyester? Why?