I take back anything I've ever said about 5 strings

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  1. WOW. Today's experience of playing with my MTD Kingston 5 was UNBELIEVABLE. The sound was GORGEOUS, and I dont think I'll miss my P-Bass much while it's out getting fixed. Perhaps we were all just on today, but the band's sound as a whole was greatly improved too. And I just felt a little discomfort pain in the left hand, much like when I jumped from a J bass neck to a P bass neck. I'm in love with this sucker, now I see why everyone swears they're the best cheap 5s around.
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    Jun 25, 2001
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    Good, i'm glad......
  3. and I wanted to add, maybe its just my amp helping me out, but I didn't hear any lack of low end. I heard the brightness in mids, yeah, but the lows were there just as much as ever.
  4. I used to be even more closed-minded about anything past 4. Then I tried a 5, and knew it was for me. Don't get me wrong, I still want a Warmoth Custom 4, but that B string helps me a lot.

    And the neck really isn't all that bad once you get adjusted.

    Kingston 5 kicks some serious booty. So do the Lakland Skyline 55-01 and the Conklin Groove Tools 5, apparently.

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    Yep. Just about the best cheap bass one could ask for. Only reason I ditched mine was the 35" scale. My hands don't like it, for some reason (which is odd, given the size of my hands...).

    Those puppy's rule. I used mine for metal, and couldn't have been happier. They're constructed VERY solidly, and sound great, especially at high volumes.

    Buy two! :)
  6. Brendan, haha, I seriously was considering buying yours, but trading my Jazz to odie for his seemed easier. Sorry! :)
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  8. LOL, thanks Munji. :)