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I think I just smoked my 1X15

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by keiththebassist, Jan 11, 2012.

  1. Well, I knew I had this coming eventually. My hartke 1x15 began making that horrible ripped speaker cone distorted sound last night at practice. Cleared anything away from amps and cabs that could be vibrating and it sounded a hell of a lot like the actual speaker was just done. I suppose I had it coming, its old, I bought it used and have been using it as a mismatch along with my 4x10 (I naively thought the 10" would do highs and lows would go to the 15", I was a total noob, forgive me). Anyway, The 4x10 still sounds killer but I really like getting the extra power of running at 4 ohms by using two 8 ohm cabs instead of just one 8 ohm cab.

    Sooooo, I'm officially in the market for a new (used) cab. I'd really love to just stick with what works and get a matching Hartke 4x10 XL but they can be a little tricky to find. Also, I'm playing with the idea of totally different cabs altogether, I really love the sound of the aluminum cone XL cab, but just because I like roast beef doesn't mean I never want to eat turkey. Playing with the idea of some Mesa stuff, perhaps an Ampeg, but IMO the Hartke stuff sounds every bit as good and is way cheaper (usually).

    I guess I'm just spinning my wheels here, not sure the direction to go. But I am definitely replacing the 15 and I'd like to still have two separate cabs so I can take only one to a smaller gig. I'd love to hear from anybody who runs the Hartke transient attack HA series amp and what kind of cabs you use with it to help sway my decision or just general suggestions for cabs that you like (interested only in 8 ohm stuff). Thanks!
  2. Do it right and get another matching Hartke 4x10 XL.
  3. That's what I'm leaning towards, just looking for other wisdom on the subject from other folks.

    Hey JOE! Your in Santa Rosa too! Awesome!
  4. Hi Keith, may be we know some of the same people - are you on Facebook?
  5. +1 on the matching 410XL. They come up more often than you might think, I just sold one for $200.
  6. Nah, I had to leave facebook, just got sick of it. But yeah, I bet we do know some of the same people. I know most of the bands in this area that are of the rock/metal genre as well as lots of other folks. You play in a band? Mine is called "Boo Radley's House"
  7. Well where are you when I need you!? hahaha, thanks man, yeah I'd like to keep my 4x10 as there's nothing wrong with it and I love the sound, guess I'll just have to be extra vigilant on CL and TB classifieds...:ninja:
  8. I’m freelancing and I’m evolved in a recording project right now and I know most older people in the business here too. BTW, my friend Norman Greenbaum is singing 3 songs with the Stovall Sisters backing him up at the Last Day Saloon on Feb 18TH, it’s going to be a fun show. Take care and good luck with your cab hunt.
  9. Y'know I read the title and immediately thought "I bet he's using it with a 4x10" and there you go! It's a pet peeve of mine that manufacturers keep showing this pairing in their adverts. It doesn't work safely as no production 15 can keep up with a 4x10 in any way.

    OP sorry you lost you cabinet. I'd say repair it and sell it and get a matching cabinet for your 4x10. Conversely if you prefer the tone of the 1x15 buy a second and dispose of the 4x10.
  10. tommyr01

    tommyr01 Simma Down Nah ! Gold Supporting Member

    Feb 25, 2004
    Tucson, AZ, USA
    this has me very concerned. At practice, I am using a Carvin B2000 with a BRX410 and a BR18 both are 4ohms.....I ve had the setup for a year or two.....so far nothing has happened....am I just waiting for one of the cabs to blow?
  11. will33


    May 22, 2006
    If you push it too far, yes. Your 18 is likely a little beefier than the OP's 15 but it's still a mismatch and the cab with one speaker in it is still the weak link. You also have quite the powerful amp. In louder situations, stack the 18 on top so it's up closer to ear level and you can better hear it, should it start to complain.
  12. I thought you might jump in there Paul :) I was fine for over 3 years with no issues but yes, the fact still remains that it is not a good match up. I'd rather just dump the 15 if it is in fact done, I'm not into speaker repair and have way too many projects like this to do it now.

    @ Tommyr01

    There are lots of threads about the pairing of cabs and why two identical cabs are almost always the best. While you may go for a long time without damage (like I did), the basic concept of it is that your larger speaker will be the weak link in the chain. Larger speaker cones do not necessarily reproduce low freq's better than a smaller one. Do a quick search, there's lots of stuff on this forum about it :)
  13. Vanceman


    Feb 14, 2007
    So. Cal.
    Is that 'Spirit in the Sky' Norman Greenbaum? :cool:
  14. Will and Keith have ably answered the question for me, thank you both. :)

    The problems arise when you try to get equal volume from the single cone, 15" or 18", to the 4x10 which they can't do. The 4x10 is more efficient due to coupling and is able to handle more power, four voice coils against one. Neither the 15" nor an 18", in most cases, will bring more lows to the table. That's a myth pure and simple. Lows don't depend on the size of the cone but on how the driver is designed.
  15. Yes Vanceman
  16. I use to have one of Hartke's combos with the alum. 15 inch speaker in it. I thought I had blown the speaker as well, it turned out that the paper cone had started to slightly pull away from the alum. speaker because the glue was old and failing. All it took was 5 minutes to repair and some super gel/glue.

    Take a look, maybe you'll luck out?
  17. BassmanPaul, have you read this thread with link yet - apparently Tom Bowlus makes an interesting observation (cone size voicing).

    Thinking about 12's again. - TalkBass Forums

    Anyway, I just thought you'd like reading it - take care.
  18. yeah, that was my first thought. Being aluminum, its not likely that the actual cone is torn but rather the connective material anchoring it.
  19. will33


    May 22, 2006
    Those threads, like many others, are about people incorrectly identifying speaker size with all these variances in tone, timber, etc. And the more knowledgable folks are there to correct the misunderstanding. That doesn't mean we don't hear all these differences, they certainly are there, just most of the time, they're attributed to the wrong things.
  20. will33


    May 22, 2006
    A lot of the blown Hartke aluminum drivers I've seen are usually cracked close to where the aluminum meets the cloth surround. For whatever reason though, many of them weren't at the actual glue joint but just inside of it with the aluminum itself cracked/torn open. If yours is at the seam and can be re-glued, great. If there is no visible damage to the cone, you likely cooked or shorted the coil. Listen for scraping sounds when pushing on the cone, check resistance with a meter, and hit it with a battery to see if any of it is still working.

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