I think I'm getting screwed

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    The following is a vent post, but please feel free to offer suggestions anyway.

    For the past three years, I have been living with a friend. His wife left him, he got the house, but couldn't afford the mortgage. So we've been doing the roommate thing. He announced a few months ago his intention to sell the house.

    Last month, I found an apartment that suited my needs. Landlord is the owner of a local realty company, and claims to own many properties in the town. I googled him, and he came up not only as the owner of the realty company, but the president of the local PTA as well. So everything seemed on the up-and-up. As part of our agreement, he stated that he would take care of certain cleaning and repairs that needed to be done before I moved in. This was stated in an e-mail, so I have it in writing. I paid the security deposit by leaving a check in a drop-box at the realty office, per his instructions. I then received approval on my application, and began getting ready. Unfortunately, I had a vacation already booked that had me away on the first, and was therefore unable to move in on the first. A few days before leaving for my vacation, I attempted to contact him so that I could sign the lease and get the keys. He has stated a strong preference for e-mail, so that's what I did. I did not receive a reply. I stopped by the realty office mid-afternoon on my way out of town, but the door was locked. I left the first month's rent in the dropbox. I wasn't worried at this point.

    When I got back from vacation, and there was still no reply, I decided to try calling the realty company. I tried both numbers they had listed, and both went directly to his cell phone. He did not return either call. So I stopped by the realty office again on my way home from work. Locked. Again. I then e-mailed him. He replied this time, stating that he was out of town last week and his office manager was out of town this week. No actual apology was offered. After more pointless, annoying back-and-forth e-mails, we made a plan to have him leave the lease and the keys at the apartment for me to pick up this evening.

    I got to the apartment after work today. He had warned me that the damaged ceiling I wanted repaired had not been repaired yet, but he said he would "try to get to it in the next couple of days". Well, that was hardly the only problem. The kitchen and the bathroom were still filthy. So was the fridge, but even worse, the fridge wasn't even working. And the keys I'd been trying so hard to get? The only one that worked was to an outer door that lead to the basement. This basement does have a door to my apartment, but the basement is shared with the other unit, so basically if I relied on locking this outer door only, my neighbor could walk into my apartment any time. Which is beside the point. I deserve keys to all of my doors.

    At this point, I have no faith whatsoever that this apartment will be livable by Saturday. Which is also beside the point. It SHOULD HAVE been done by the first of the month, regardless of whether I was moving in that day or not. I paid for those days. I was completely unable to access the apartment until today, and now I find it unlivable. Of course I did not sign the lease. I left him a polite voice mail, got more pissed off on the drive home, and sent him a strongly-worded e-mail when I got home, telling him he needs to contact me immediately or I will be demanding a full refund and finding someone else to rent from. I did not threaten legal action, but I think the thread was implied: I did use the word "demand". I've paid the guy $1400 so far and I have nothing to show for it.

    Anyhow, I know as problems go, this is a small one. I'm just frustrated. Thanks for putting up with my self-pitying ramble.

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    Sorry man, I hope everything gets sorted out in your favor.

    Some people are just not on top of their ****, and this guy sounds like one of them.
    Our property manager is, I believe, the brother in law of the owner of the house.
    I had to contact him this morning because I garbage disposal went belly up, and the timer on our over does not want to stop ringing (its currently unplugged).
    He said he'd contact the owner about the repairs and let us know when someone would be by.
    The last time we had to get ahold of him was because the gas knob on our oven was bad. We shut the oven off and they had it fixed after a few days, so Im expecting the current issues to get done by the weekend hopefully.
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    Thanks. Good luck with your repairs too. My last landlord would have had his handyman over in two hours or less for these issues. Starting to miss that guy..... too bad the property was in a horrible neighborhood.
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    I think your right ...

    I would wear him out ..

    DON'T. sign a lease ,period

    Slum lord comes to mind